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Declare: Stay present in the moment. You can find joy in the little things by enjoying each moment of the day.

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  • The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World.
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Declare: Keep your mind active. Read more. An active mind avoids boredom, so you can find more joy. Declare: Give and accept more hugs. Hugs can lift your mood, and researchers have found they have a positive impact on endorphin levels. Declare: Let it go. Giving in to anger drains the joy from your life and makes the people around you miserable. Declare: Encourage the people around you. As you encourage others and help them find happiness, your own joy will increase.

Making declarations is a powerful way to transform your life. Certified Life Coach Alisa J. Expand Your Purpose. Evolve Your Profits. Contact Alisa! Reflect on your daily blessings and find gratitude in them. Declare: Make new friends. New friendships instantly add joy to your life. Declare: Look for the positive aspects. So, ask yourself, "What am willing to give up in order to keep consuming this unending serving of bitterness?

Is it worth relationships, productivity or your health?

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If you aren't willing to sacrifice life's sweeter tasting moments, it's time to drink the tea. Ask yourself the below questions. Feeling bitter toward people or circumstances in your life can, over time, become toxic and powerful. It can creep into many aspects of your life, your relationships, your worldview, and how you see yourself.

Contempt is like a poison to a relationship and to an individual. The good news is that it is never too late to change to do something about it. This may sound daunting, because it takes both effort and energy. It means breaking the prevailing pattern. Just think of all the energy going toward feeling bitter currently. Which is a more productive use of your energy? You will need to make the decision to do something differently. Many people find that they benefit from seeking out support in making these changes.

One potentially helpful approach is to seek the support of a professional, which you can do at any point in your self-exploration. Alternately, you can reach out on supportive others in your life to help encourage what you are doing on your own. Fundamentally, you will need to become the change you want to see happen in your life.

If you want to be less bitter, you will need to make the conscious effort to be something else. You taking control of how you respond can be the path you need to overcome bitterness. Follow the below tips. Now hold the image of that person in your mind.

What is the expression on their face? How do they stand, sit, and speak? Do they draw people close or are they usually avoided? Do you know why they are bitter? Did you see your own face or someone close to you? Bitterness is a trait that can develop easily into a habit without being noticed. When people have bad experiences, feel betrayed or marginalized, they can become overly-cynical and begin seeing the world through a negative lens. Once their view of the world becomes distorted, it becomes easier to unwittingly find the negative in most situations.

Holding grudges, feelings of jealousy, and misdirected anger can become new go-to behaviors. Most people experience bitterness occasionally and can overcome those feelings by focusing on what is right in their lives.

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Then there are the people who lose their focus and adopt bitterness as a habit and a way of life. Overly cynical — Having a healthy dose of cynicism can be a good thing. Cynicism creates a pause and space to examine options, weigh pros and cons, and ask questions before deciding on a best solution. However, bitter people may take cynicism to a new level. Cynicism becomes a primary response instead of a useful tool. If you find yourself drifting to this level of cynicism, you can resolve it by remembering how you see the world is a reflection of your past experiences.

You, and only you, get to decide if you want to carry negative experiences with you and what level of control they have over your life. Being jealous — There is someone you know that is better than you. This person is better looking, has more money, has perfect children with perfect teeth, has a better house, and incredible cars. Just know, while you are thinking about this perfect person, there are probably a few people that think your life is perfect and better than theirs insert laughter here!

Feeling a twinge of jealously on occasion is normal, however when it creeps in to the point of obsessive thoughts, it can create bitterness. Instead of allowing jealousy to consume your thoughts and time, let it act as motivation for creating and accomplishing your goals. Spend some time asking yourself what you truly want. You may be surprised that your goals look nothing like what you were feeling jealous about. Holding grudges — Holding a grudge allows a situation or person to have mastery and control over your thoughts and behaviors. Grudges lead to anger and soon become a part of you.

Now multiply your total by zero and that is the amount of time this person has spent worrying about their misstep. Attention seeking — Bitter people seldom shy from the spotlight. They seek attention by telling their story to anyone who will listen, because they want reassurance that they have been treated unfair. You may have occasions when you are upset and just need a sounding board to help you sort through your feelings. But how is having a sounding board different than attention seeking?

A sounding board is usually a single confidant who will listen to your complaint and then tell you if you are overreacting or have a legitimate grief. If you must talk about a situation, reach out to your confidant and share, get feedback and then figure out your own best solution. Telling everyone you know about your plight will not solve your problems, however it can make you the person to avoid at parties.

Negativity — Bitterness can cause people to see the world through a negative lens. When we live in negativity every situation is annoying or problematic. This way of seeing the world and people is isolating and creates self-imposed limitations. What side had more entries? What did you observe? Could things from the - column be re-blocked and changed into a positive experience?

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Bitterness is the residue that unresolved anger leaves behind and keeps you attached to the very thing that creates your discomfort. The way to overcome bitterness is not to sugarcoat the experiences that caused your feelings. Today my task is to help you overcome bitterness no simple assignment!

You have good reasons to be bitter: People have hurt you deeply. You have had painful experiences with organizations and churches and corporations. Systems are biased against you. You have experienced betrayals and losses beyond words. Your reasons are valid. You have a right to be angry and resentful and frustrated and bitter.

The way to overcome bitterness is not to sugarcoat the experiences that caused your feelings or to come up with three reasons for the good that came out of your pain. That sucked. That was wrong and should not have happened. It has caused me more than my share of pain, damage, or hard work. Bitterness forms as the result of feelings that have hardened and sunk in over time.

They were most likely feelings that you could not express or deal with in the moment. There was probably no one that apologized to you, either because they were incapable or unwilling. I will protect you. I will make sure this never happens again. You might be tricked right into the same situation all over again.

If you are serious about overcoming bitterness, then I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it is possible: you can overcome resentment and be free from its effects on your life. The bad news is that letting go of bitterness is hard and painful work that requires loss and sacrifice. People who are bitter often have less emotional response in their daily lives. Yet beyond the tough exterior of the bitterness, there are tender feelings — sadness, pain, fear, fresh anger.

After we acknowledge that the bitterness is justified, then we must bravely look at the feelings that are trapped inside it. We need to recover vulnerability — even if it seems too callous to ever be soft again. Take the time to come up with every feeling and fear inside that bitter root and allow yourself to look those feelings in the face. Be completely honest with yourself as you notice the fears, the sadness, the shame, the loss, and the anger that come up.

Review: Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle. Everyone loves a self-help book. They can be funny, informative and thought provoking. However, before being sent this book, I had never My clients have told me that they walk out of our sessions feeling clearer than they have in a long time, and…. I'm excited and thankful to give you a little overview and my thoughts on Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle. Many thanks to her for the book! Without giving anyhting away we will write about some themes we read thr…. However, we all have bad habits and mine happens to be reading to….

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Sprinkling Happiness and Being High for Life! Despite my initial misgivings, I enjoyed it and can recommend it. Do you struggle to find happiness in your day-to-day life? Do you think happiness is something out of reach right now? What if I told you that you can now work your way to happiness, one day at a t….

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In the photo: Notebooks by Pastel Elixir If you ever catch me with a book in my hand, chances are it is going to be a self-development book. How many times do you wake up happy, with a positive attitude for the day? How often are you truly happy? How many times do you choose to make your life hap. Here are three fantastic inspiring books every working mom needs to immediately place on her nightstand TBR pile and love herself enough to read them. I can be a right mardy cow - I'll be the first to admit that.

Though most of the time I can be found chortling away at my own jokes, it Showing that you can put in work to change your life while also having fun, …. As someone who Who believes in the power of starting the day off with a powerful mindset practice, I truly appreciate this book.

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Along with my daily praying, meditating, and journaling I love that I can pick up my book and read the uplifting passage for that day. Each passage, packed with powerful and insightful nuggets of wisdom, takes just about 3 to 5 minutes on the average to read. Honestly, if more people started their day out reading a passage from this book, the world would be a much happier place! But my wife, she recently lost her father. I am just no good at saying the things that help with grief, so I started reading to her a day here and there from this book to help her focus on the positive around her.

The book is written much like a journal; each day is a new insight or thought exercise to help you recognize the positive that exists even on bad days. This format lends itself well to marathon reading, or just reading one chapter every day for a shot of thoughtfulness. I find the book is useful to me and my wife in this way, rather than racing through the book it works for us better in doses; something to consider and process each day and make our own.

How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)

The very fact that this book is a celebration of happiness and focusing on finding the happiness that already exists around everyone has helped my wife cope over the last few months better than any words I could share. Jacqueline is delightful, and the book is an amazing exploration of what it means to be happy. If you follow this recipe for days, there is no way you will not increase your happiness and uplevel the way you view your life. I like the fact that the language in this book is so down to earth and accessible.

How easy! Jacqueline clearly shows the reader how to notice and take delight in the countless gifts and moments we encounter every day as we make our way through the world, simply living our lives. You will be guided to appreciate each thought, feeling, encounter and experience that comes your way.

She challenges you to know and be true to yourself. Words have energy and power. Practicing the daily exercises allows the reader to harness that energy and power to be and experience peace, abundance, clarity, health, fun and joy. This is truly a recipe book for living happiness! There is no need to wait to find happiness, peace, and over all contentment in another realm. The Creator, and, the Universe has already given us every thing we need to be fulfilled, right here, right now, Look around, and see the sun, moon, stars, and skies, grass, trees, and flowers, even the other beautiful beings, and creatures that we share this planet with, and just say, thank you.

Create your own shift. The days as a carefree child seems distance as if the adult us and…. This is a book that will inspire you and guide you to be your true self and have happiness everyday of your life. You can feel the energy shift as you do this practice. I loved it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a happier life. This book is wonderful. I would like to thank the author and publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of it.

Happiness is fleeting, acknowledges Pirtle, which means we need to constantly refocus ourselves and make sure that we are making room for positive energy and experiences while getting rid of the negative. She highlights one task each day that will help people to better channel happiness, ranging from visualization exercises, to list-making, to simply practicing gratitude for the good things we have in life.

Pirtle sifts through the practical and the impractical to gather together only the most manageable techniques for channeling happiness. Her advice also seems tailor-made to encourage readers to slow down and appreciate the small beautiful moments that occur around us every day. Nothing pure or perfect can stay with us forever, but that makes the art of seeking positivity all the more important.

The gentle color of the book cover made me fall in love before opening. The invitation to dive right in and savor the content just like to cupcake on the was good enough for me. Jacqueline truly knows how to paint the picture of taking you to your happy place. In some scenarios within the book, it feels as though she is right there with you to help talk it out. I was not able to put the book down because I could resonate with any given day by day actionable tips. As the title suggests, this book is not designed to be read all in one go and, in my opinion, it would make a perfect bedside book to read daily as it is intended.

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It is certainly uplifting and offers some unique and interesting perceptions to help you grasp each concept.