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The big optical wow is only the half of it.

Butlers pamper guests at Montego Bay resort in Jamaica

Top Box Office. Jester McGree. What's the Tomatometer? Follow Us. Total Recall. Related News. Razzie Nominations Announced: Zoolander No. Zootopia is Certified Fresh. If you are a golfer, the course is great and right on the resort. The food is good but at times its difficult to make reservations to the restaurants for diner. Our accommodation was ocean front walkout villa butler suite.

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Our butlers were Stephen, Cecil and Arielle. We travelled with 2 other couples, and we do this annually. We tend to rebook on property for the subsequent year at a different Sandals. We are three couples in our 40s. The fragrance from the flowers at night is just beautiful. The rooms are lovely and well maintained. There are a few areas with paint chipped from the baseboards and the ceiling, but it did not bother us.

Beds are very comfortable. We each booked a room which included butler service, as given we are a group of 6, we anticipated that it would be easier to coordinate plans for the 6 of us for dinner, excursions etc with butler service. This was not really the case, and I will expand on this later. The check in occurred very quickly and the resort is only 15 mins from the airport. We were immediately escorted to lunch, and this was our first encounter with Asif.

He came and introduced himself to us, welcomed us to the resort and asked how we liked our food. The pizza at Dino's is delicious by the way! Cecil and Stephen were our main butlers, and we also had Arielle, but less often. All were professional, and lovely. However, Cecil and Stephen went out of their way to provide extra touches that we so appreciated little in room surprises, and also somehow these men were able to acquire coconut shrimp appetizers for our group!

POOLS: There are 2 main pools the "noisy" pool which is still pretty tame but there is some music played and the quiet pool. The water in the quiet pool is like a bathtub almost! And, it truly is quiet -they don't serve frozen drinks as the blender is too noisy! But the butlers would certainly deliver those for us. The noisy pool water is cool. As is its' hot tub. But, on a hot afternoon, I loved taking a plunge in it!! In the morning we walked down the length of the whole beach towards the golf course, and then walked the golf fairways of holes which end at a ocean point where there are beautiful views and crashing waves.

Walking on the golf course was no problem as the tee times do not start early, and the beach abuts the back 9. Not to mention, where the beach ends on one end, to the left if facing the ocean from the property there is a time share property. This property occupies a very small portion of beach with lounge chairs. But, it is important to know that there are the most beautiful coral reefs in this small cove and we brought our own snorkeling equipment. We saw numerous beautiful tropical fish and it was spectacular!

No need to use the sandals boat, but we heard from others the boat snorkeling was a nice option too. Her work is beautiful, and honestly prices more reasonable than what is offered on property. Once or twice per week, they have some vendors on property who set up behind the swim up bar. But in making my way down the beach, we met "Bahama Mama", and she would make to order things that you saw that you might wish to have larger, or certain straw colors etc.

Her weave work is superior to what I have seen elsewhere, and she makes them herself! So if you find her earlier in your week, you can go back and pick it up. Highly, highly recommend that you visit her! She barters too, particularly if one buys more than one item. We did not need to go into Georgetown to the straw market because of her.

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Thank you! The men golfed 3 times, and if you run out of balls, go snorkeling down the left side! We found a bunch of golf balls around the reefs, which replaced the many that were lost! We also found sand dollars down the left side while snorkeling. One couple used a kayak and they loved that! Very nice! The steam room is probably the hottest I have ever experienced! Just lovely. The spa itself is very large, and peaceful. The spa grounds are nice with hot and cold plunge pools with loungers next to them Just lovely!

15 Night Ocean Cruise From Seward to Anadyr | Crystal Cruises

I had 2 spa services raindrop dreams massage and a facial. The massage was awesome-masseuse Netzia was amazing thank you. FOOD: this was, at first, if I'm being completely honest, a big frustration for us that in our opinion should not have been. We filled out the butler request forms prior to arrival and mentioned that we were a group of 6 for meals. However, it did not seem as though these forms were read in advance.

Moreover, they had us as a group of 4. So rather awkward, and I'm not even sure how that happened. In our room, there were cards which listed 4 restaurant reservations. All the reservations were by couple only, not for the group, and were made for 9 pm or later at night. This is way too late for us to eat! We asked the butlers to please adhere to our request of allowing us to dine together as 6 people, and to eat dinners at around 7 pm. Although our butlers so wished to accomodate this request, and we know that they did- not their fault they were told by their manager that this was not possible for the entire week!

We asked to speak to a manager and the manager of guest services came to our room to discuss, where we all met as a group. She indicated that we were at fault, as we should have booked as a group which we already knew we couldn't as to qualify as a group, you require 10 people and that she could not help us. We have to say we found this very shocking and not up to Sandals service. Suffice it to say Asif personally intervened on our behalf. Asif Bajwa: There is a new Director of Food and Beverage, Asif Bawja, who we ended up talking to by fluke on our first day, and by the end of the day, I had received an email from him confirming all new reservations for us.

You will likely meet Asif as he tends to visit all the restaurants and talk to the guests. He's one of the hardest working people we saw. He was everywhere! Say "hi" to him from us if you read this review, and tell him the "6 pack from Canada" gives him our warmest regards!! I look forward to seeing where he will end up as he advances through this company, which I am sure he will.

It is a smaller resort on that front.

The food is good, sometimes very good, but not outstanding, although they certainly try very hard and I'm sure it will get there under Asif's watchful eye. There is no Gordon's, and we obviously knew the food quality may not be the same. Still, we were shocked to see each night that we had dinner, there were lots of unclaimed tables. So again, not sure why we couldn't be accommodated in terms of our dining request. In the end, we ate at all the restaurants and the general consensus was that the French Restaurant was the best. Others on property preferred the Italian.

Mutton, who could not have been nicer, and thank you for your kind words in response to me, sir. I also enjoyed meeting you in person at departure. OVERALL: the week was relaxing, beautiful weather, beautiful grounds, beautiful beach, beautiful ocean water and golf course. Food: The food is nicely plated, but is generally not served hot on arrival.

We learned to ask for food to be served warmer which helped. The New York strip loin steak was a thin cut, and was tough, and was ordered rare, but served "blue" Bahama Bay.

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  • So the next night I tried steak again ordered medium rare strip loin at Italian: same issue. Stick to fish if you can which is well prepared, but I avoid shellfish because of allergies so can be stuck for choices. Flourless chocolate cake at La Parisienne and the Chateau Briande were really really good. Favorite food on property: coconut shrimp, and pizza, breakfasts served on our patio.

    Spa and gym: 4. Butler service: 4 stars- started with a hiccup but ended very well and they tried very hard to help us. Cecil, you are just fabulous and should probably run the place in my opinion!! You get things done and always with a smile.

    Auctioneers and Appraisers

    Stephen, you're very kind and your personal touches are first rate. Thank you both. STAFF: from the bar tenders, grounds keepers, waiters favorite: Basil and Taniel etc very very friendly and professional 5 stars. Especially to Asif and his assistant Dwayne who was very personable, polite and friendly. Both just made things happen -thank you!!

    If this resort sorted it's restaurant issues, it would easily become a top, top Sandals as everything else is great. Thank you for a wonderful week. The golf course was better than expected. The greens were very good. The course is very narrow, you will lose a lot of balls even if you are a scratch golfer. The negatives are that ther is no starter, no Marshall and no beverage service on the course. The range is pretty good, but they rarely come down and replenish the balls. If they added a couple of people to the staff it would really improve the experience.

    We went on the strong recommendation from a friend. It was our first all inclusive and first Sandals experience. The resort itself was beautiful and the beach was perfect. However, we encountered a few disappointing customer service situations and we will most likely not be returning to this location at the least.

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    We arrived at the resort along with a large group of other guests. We were ushered into the holding lounge designated for arrivals and room confirmation assignments. We were offered our welcome cocktail but that was it. We would have not even cared if our room wasn't ready for 4 hours if someone had offered us directions to get something to eat or to even just walk around the resort to familiarize ourselves.

    Upon reflection, this probably did not happen as most often you have to offer your last name and room number at most of the eating establishments. But the right customer service approach to this situation would have been to inform us that our room was not ready and to offer to escort us to the pub for a bite to eat and cold drink. Instead a few different greeters would approach us, ask our name again and then say "I'll be back when your room is ready. As I mentioned there were many people in this situation but arrival times are no secret to the hotel.

    They know when everyone is getting in and should be able to staff appropriately. We were finally brought to our room and we requested to speak with the manager and he came to our room to talk with us in a timely matter. He asked us many questions about what our "perfect stay" looked like.

    We were upfront with him and emphasized that it was not that we did not get our room for a long time but that we were kept in the dark and received no information. He promised us a follow up the next day and we did not hear from him again despite putting a call in and left a message with the front desk for him to call us back. I guess it was a nice gesture but it would have been nice to know before 5pm the day before we checked out. Needless to say we just spent it on "stuff" at the gift shop that we would not have bought otherwise.

    Other eye rolling incidents: One day, there were no towels at the beach kiosk or pool at am until am. A waitress loudly gave me a hard time about requesting two appetizers at dinner last time I checked it was an all inclusive and I shouldn't have been "menu shamed" , and most of the servers we encountered seemed pained to have to interact with us, I asked a server her opinion between two entrees and she told me she had only tried one thing on the entire menu, our room wasn't serviced by housekeeping until 5pm, landscaping staff was out with power tools at am.

    I would like to mention that we have travelled to 4 different Caribbean countries, throughout Europe, and South America as well as throughout the United States. We conscientiously conduct ourselves to positively represent ourselves and our country. So I sincerely hope no one thought us as demanding or rude. The room was comfortable and spacious. The grounds of the resort were very well kept and lovely.


    The food was pretty good. The bar staff was friendly. There were lots of chairs at the large pool and the quiet pool was beautiful. The long stretch of beach was perfect for walking and was very well kept to the right of the beach entry at the resort. To the left of the beach entry had rougher water and there was a lot of garbage on the beach and of course, the water was gorgeous. Finally, I would like to note that when I inquired, a member of the staff did admit that the resort was at high occupancy and currently understaffed.