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Details Collect From Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. We will contact you if necessary. To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. Need help? How do I find a book? Can I borrow this item? Can I get a copy? Can I view this online? Ask a librarian. We'll see in a bit. They posted a video with everything in the banner on Twitter. Not sure why they do this write-up news post and then immediately put out a more-detailed video and don't link to that in-game. Also the in-game preview has more specific details like the passives of Laranoa, but no mention of painter girl.

It's quite common. Many past events have had off element units featured who are still part of the story. But in those cases it's 1 out of the 3 units who is off-element. This is a "water banner" with only 1 water adventurer--half of the featured adventurers are off-element. Breaking convention is one thing; pulling a bait-and-switch by hyping up a character but then making them unobtainable while the character literally hiding away in the background is summonable and off-element and light, of all things is something else completely, and I don't think it's something we should "get used to.

I mean, it's not like they're forcing us to use our resources on it. How is it a bait and switch if you haven't even bought nor summoned on it in the first place? The banner hasn't even started. You can still go ahead and spend the rest of your wyrmites and tickets on the current gala. Or save them. They got peoples' hopes up. Of course you don't have to spend on any given banner, but showing off a new character as if they're playable only for them not to be isn't in good form.

It isn't something they should start--and anyways, why start now? There was Peng Lai from the pyroblossoms event who was important, why didn't they show off him in the preview images? Or Lathna from Accursed Archives?

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Oh, I know that. I mean this is the first new banner outside of Gala that hasn't had 4 Focus things on it. So I'm curious how they'll split the focus chance this time. The thing that'll be weird is, unless they add to the old print, that'll be the first 5-Star print with a Faculty Event that doesn't boost the facility drops. Unless they plan to add a temporary buff to it on something Luca's Prank would be fitting then it seems OD punisher probably only makes sense on a healer type dragon because that is the only role that would possibly not dragon on break to either save the heal for later or to use the dragon on a mechanic, and thus might make better use of the OD punisher.

Healers are great OD bar breakers due to multi hitting force attacks, its a pretty good good passive for healers tbh. Yea, that's what I figured. This banner seems like a pretty solid pass to me. On skill haste. It's huge but if her S2 has the standard SP cost, we won't be having high uptime on it. I'm not sure if that makes up for her underwhelming S1. I agree on the OD punisher for the new dragon. It has its uses on a healer but a straight up higher HP boost would have made the dragon more future-proof for healers.

Her skill is definitely better than Garuda, tho. Win some, lose some. This is the only hard skip I've had since launch.


Every other banner I've done at least one tenfold summon for posterity. This will be my second, most likely. I now wish I could get Cupid and especially Resounding Rendition, but I was happy that I managed to last that full banner without pulling on it. Even though I absolutely love Lucretia's art. But this one Fleur is tempting, but I already know I probably wouldn't use her and there'll be a wealth of time to pick her up in the future unless she pulls the same shit that Aeleen and Eleonora are still pulling to this day But I know I'll never summon the dragon anyway.

So this feels like the easier of the two to pass on for me. This is my second too, the first one was the Heinwald one, I kinda wanted Heinwald, but I wasn't about to chance myself with that awful dragon and while Curran is daddy, I hate axes. An HP dragon with overdrive punisher? I feel like if it was dark it would be great for heinwald but i would rather have a full house dragon for water.

Also, it looks like neither is limited so very little pressure here. The hardest parts of the fight are when the dragons enter overdrive. Is this better for lily than a Poseidon? Is it better for thaniel? Who knows. For Lily, probably not. She's a beast who definitely wants a Str boost at all times, not just for the party of the fight when they're in OD.

Thaniel, it's definitely his best dragon. Damage isn't his strong suit to begin with and he just wants to make his meager quantity of heals do more so he wants all the HP he can get. Plus this provides a bonus heal during the fight. Hope I pull one!

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I don't have Kung Fu Masters yet, either. Are you able to get FS off on Sarisse without dropping your combo? I almost never FS on her unless my combo already reset. I actually use force strikes a lot with her, come to think of it. It keeps the combo count going while I pop a skill. He's not even in the preview video on Twitter if you were interested in him, it's just like what happened with Lathna.

Ring of Bright Water Trailer

Bird dragon is confirmed to be a girl on the official English website. It lays eggs. I guess he's still an enigma.

Summon the Bright Water : Geoffrey Household :

He's almost certainly playable. Jakob was announced here. Valentines Orion here. Halloween Edward here. Sylas is not shown here. And likely a burnable healer! Than is safe as the go to healer for HBH! Said someone who just watered him. I mean, we just got an HP dragon with Overdrive Punisher, I'm gonna go with anything "likely" is out the window.

What do you think?

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I think it's going to be balanced around how fast it'll charge with that skill activated. So slow when skill isn't on and feel normal when the skill is on.

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If this is standard S2 sp, then underwhelming. This should help in bursting but you will still need to hit targets to make the most of that skill haste. You will be budgeting that 10secs in refilling a skill with using a skill when your str is increased. If it was flat out skill gauge refill, it would probably be better. I can't believe I might pull on a banner for the wyrmprint now. The double print update is something else. I'm still set to run Leviathan on Thaniel, currently, but this little guy would also be a real treat to pull. Seems unfair to Garuda. I hope they revisit her and make the heal for the whole team instead of just the user.

Interesting dragon. Nothing incredible, but not insignificant, either. I have way too many bow users on my teams, I'm gonna be needing that print. Well, I've had all my teams built up pretty well for a while now so the main thing I've been wanting was some good prints to give some of my characters some extra power.

And bow units need a print like this the most. Such a disappointing banner. This page has been accessed , times. The Tome whispers into your mind.

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