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Or perhaps one who looks at the super-slim and wonders to herself if those women are naturally thin, or very controlled about their diet and exercise routines?

Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined?

Sally Shields set out to uncover some answers as to offer inspiration to those in need of a strategy. This book will provide incentive and encouragement to help guide you towards a healthy outlook on diet, body and lifestyle. Inside this book you will find many insider secrets to shedding those unwanted pounds once and for all, so that you can be healthy, feel great, and get back into your jeans again! Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode. Please note that prices may vary between www. Sorry, an error occurred while checking availability.

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Thank you. Can't agree more. Like in what kind of world do we live to have to shame one type of person, just to bring another kind to shine? Both can be equally beautiful and both are real. I was in a campaign for a lingerie brand here in Norway to promote that.


I'm 4'9'' and 77 lbs. I'm a real woman! I always feel forgotten when it comes to body positivity, so I spoke up! The campaign ofc also featured women in different sizes and ages.

Slim Legs & Inner Thighs Workout for Beginners, 20 Minute At Home Fitness , Thigh Gap Tone Up

I personally would have to say not. I don't consider girls who starve and get surgery to be a model 'real women'. Which is why they don't show up in catalogs like this. And it's totally not fair. But no, every time we focus on that, we're treating skinny women poorly or whatever. Surely, you don't mean "curvier" when speaking of plus-sized women You mean 'fat'. Fat is the opposite of skinny. If you're going to call slender, slim, normal-sized women "skinny", then you mean to call the opposite of such, 'fat'!!

Skinny is NOT some sort of flattery to those of us who are not overweight, nor skinny. Seriously I haven't seen one bored panda article that makes thin people feel better about themselves, it's only about boosting overweight people's egos. I'm 5'4" and I'm overweight and I just wanted to tell you I completely agree with you. I am working hard to get my weight down and so far so good. I know it is unhealthy to be this big.

Glamorizing being overweight is not good for society at all! And those of you who are naturally tall and thin definitely don't deserve to have your self-esteem torn down! They have their self esteem torn down once in a billion occasion in this world glorifying thin and skinny bodies.

No it's not ok to create this frontier between women, qualifying them as real and not real, ok and not ok for society, but thin people aren't making me crying when they feel underestimated about their weight and body type in one article, while plus size women are underestimated everyday of their lives in magazines, adds, boutiques, etc.

We are all real and beautiful, but please, don't play the victim when you are not. I'm in a wheelchair, don't have any accessible gyms to use and a side effect of medications I use is weight gain. We are ALL real. Yes, I also don't like how people boost their self-esteem at someone else's cost.

Every time a guy hits on me by badmouthing skinnier people or shorter, or darker, or paler, or people with tatoos or any other kind of people I just get out and leave. It just proves he's a mean small-minded person and it's offensive to assume I will feel flattered by putting other girls down. So I'm all with you. Still, you kind of just did the same thing. You feel frustrated by lack of equal representation in articles on Bored Panda? Then imagine how frustrated big people are by lack of equal representation in real life.

So please don't jump into hate competition just because you were the less privileged for once. I personally think all body types have their ups and downs. As a very tall woman, it's sometimes awkward to be among my much shorter peers, but then again I like being tall. When my son was in his 20's people would always comment on how thin he was, He would reply, "If I was fat, you wouldn't say anything about it.

I do really hate ppl constantly fighting invisible wars to be honest.

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This whole justice warrior shit is getting really old really fast. Ummmm I'm sorry but, skinny people are always in the spotlight. Be cool with yourself and take a compliment Take your ego and have compassion towards other people Also I always say don't be jealous, be happy for.

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People, but the media should focus encouraging thin people to gain weight and overweight people to lose weight, so both groups can be equal and healthy. It's referred like that because every ad out there and the society in general will say that a woman NEEDS to be thin, tall, want children and be in a relationship or else she is "not a woman".

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You're right I mean, there aren't magazines after magazines after tv show after tv show after billboard ad after billboard all about how beautiful you are IF you're skinny Ok, I'm done being nice. Unless you unfortunately have a health problem I apologize, this doesn't apply to you then I believe that overweight people don't have self-control, because they let themselves become so overweight through overeating. It is unhealthy, and why in the world would the media feature unhealthy Humans to attract positive attention.

The whole world makes thin people feel good about themselves.

What you're saying is like wanting a hetero pride parade. Society as a whole makes thin people feel good about themselves. Let someone else have a turn. That doesnt mean you can go around saying that thin people are not real. Get a life fat [pig. Actually it makes sense to have a wider variety of models.

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Different people appreciate different body types and different types of beauty, so it would make economic sense to try to appeal to more than one demographic, wouldn't it? I'm sick of always looking at the same type of models anw, they all start looking the same after awhile!

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  • This category includes appearance-related goods, like clothes or makeup. People are more attracted to the "dream", that's why there is also this shit load of photoshop in ads, looking absolutely unrealistic. The psycology underneath it is that buying this lingerie will help you look a tiny bit more like that gorgeous model on the picture. Like you're buying part of that along with the lingerie. If we think!