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What is Wellbeing?

The only time you will know what to expect will be when the event is happening. Memories from your past, circumstances of your present, and fear of your future are not enough to slow you down; you are strong enough to deal with anything that life throws your way. Your strength is what has brought you this far, and it is your strength that will enable you to survive the hardships that are yet to come.

Put on a smile and focus on the best parts of your life.


If you are going through hell, keep going because sometimes the only way out is through. At Fordham University. At Syracuse University. Self Love.

Sometimes The Only Way Out Is Through | Thought Catalog

At University of South Florida. At Troy University. At University of Central Florida. At University of Connecticut. At Rutgers University.

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Pamper yourself with whatever you need. Stay in bed for a day, spend time in nature, disconnect from the world, re-connect with long lost passions and friends.

The Only Way Out is Through

Whatever you need, allow it into your life. Self-compassion and kindness will help your walk through the tunnel be more bearable. Although not easy, if you keep some of the above suggestions in mind, you can and will make it through and out! It is your way out and will lead you to the light that is inevitably on the other side.

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The Only Way Out

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    They go into the ground, minerals reinvigorating the soil we till, allowing plants to grow, animals to feed, and the circle of life to go on. The soul, though, is different.

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    You just need to know a person. Bringing back the dead is one of the oldest fixations of humankind, and every religion and culture on Earth has at least one legend involving some form of necromancy.