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Myth #1 – It’s easy to pick up most of what’s said.

Even as you are learning to lip read, your understanding improves since you become more aware of the other cues needed to be successful with any type of communication.

Myth #2 – They’re just focusing on my lip movement.

This ability to understand what is being said helps to build confidence and develop social and communication skills. Being unable to understand what is being said can lead to a sense of frustration and isolation. Communication is part of human contact and is essential for life.

10 useful techniques for lipreading

It also makes them more aware of the needs of their deaf and hard of hearing relatives so that they can adjust their actions to help communication. Studying to lip read can mean the difference between staying connected with the world and slowly isolating yourself from it. A result of being unable to communicate is a withdrawal from many of the activities that were previously enjoyable to a person who can no longer hear as well as they used to or at all. The frustration that comes with misunderstanding or losing the thread of what is going on can lead you to slowly retire from society and become a passive observer of life instead of an active participant.

It can also affect relationships and opportunities. Learning to lip read is one way to maintain your connection to your loved ones, friends, community and the world in general.

Lipreading and speech | Action on Hearing Loss

Being able to understand what your loved ones and friends are saying can prevent misunderstandings in these very important relationships. It is also an opportunity to learn how to deal with and act in social situations such as attending parties and events with bigger crowds since you will be more aware of the conditions you need to better understand the conversations around you. Taking the first step to learn to lip read does not have to mean leaving your comfort zone. There are fewer than 50 registered lipspeakers in the country, so book ahead - at least four to six weeks before you need one.

Remember, lipspeaking is tiring, so lipspeakers should have a break about every 30 minutes. For that reason, if your assignment is likely to be more than two hours long, you should book two lipspeakers. Please read the important information via the link below to find out how we will use your personal information and keep it safe.

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