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The hideous battle between Ron and Hiroshima rages on, to the horror of onlookers. The Post Bros.

It's "Annivers diner y Day," that annual event when Ron Post forces unsuspecting restaurant patrons to listen to the sad, nostalgic story of his first van. The Post Brothers discover the source of their problem. It's one thing for the Post Brothers to attempt to release Fear from its confinement, but another to cope with the consequences! Cart Your shopping cart is empty. Categories Action and Adventure Alternative Titles AltSex 5. Anthologies 5. Art Books 6. Carnal Comics Collectors' Items Comix Collection Paperbacks 2. Demi the Demoness 2.

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Editing Patricia Jeres Color colour cover; black and white interior Dimensions standard modern age U. View: Large Edit cover.

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Finding Fire-Finger Freddy bringing down a gang of egg-stealers, he kills them all, even Freddy. Later, as Russ tells Ron to cool it, the call comes in for Mightiest Ron to stop a monster on a nearby planet. After killing it by going in through its eye and destroying its brain, Ron is greeted by throngs of adoring fans.

Dismayed by the turn of events, C-3 sets a trap that will end the Post Bros. Unfortunately, he is greeted with news that the entire spiral arm of the galaxy containing his home has been destroyed by Ron. Madeafterdeath View Profile View Posts. High Will Power People! Last edited by Madeafterdeath ; 28 Nov, am. It's going to be more of a chase because they are trying to avoide us Dogs as some have said, could hold them in place until we reach them, but honestly I guess I will be able to give a proper answer in one day and 7 hours XD. Hesmah View Profile View Posts.

Originally posted by Jin :.

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Last edited by Hesmah ; 28 Nov, am. Originally posted by Hesmah :. Last edited by Jin ; 28 Nov, am. Yeah, alps and hexen suck big time. Each for their own reasons.

Those Annoying Post Brothers (1987) comic books

I'm also hoping for full rework of those. They now may seems boring and lack of interaction, but their innovation is really really excellent, believe me. There maybe need some improvement to make these creature more vivid, but they dont need to be reworked, their innovation is great. That's what I get from few failure against them, my whole team was wiped out when facing 5 hexen at day 21, and another few big loss when they come with unhold or wolves.

I strongly disagree. Alps are just tedious af. And hexen are borderline broken. Not as in OP but just poorly designed and unfitting to the rest of the game.

If exploits or spamming one item mindlessly is best way to deal with an enemy type that's just not ok. First few battles against both those enemies are kinda fun, as they're smth new and exciting. Alps I don't have that much issue with and it took me longer to recognize the problems, but hexen I didn't lke since the beginning. Both of those enemies feel generally lazy, and in case of hexen just cheap in addition to that.

Quality wise they're like from an entirely different game. And I don't really have issue with concept behind their mechanics.