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Yes, like a student you see. Ciutti Como un infante. As every prince should be. Ciutti Como un pirata. Ciutti Lo ignoro, en suma. Buttarelli Largo plumea. Ciutti Es gran pluma. Well he has a big pen. Ciutti A su padre. Don Juan Cerrando la carta. Closing the letter.

Don Juan Este pliego. This message, yield it. Should I wait for an answer? From that devil that guards her,. In Italian. Buttarelli Eccellenenza! Don Juan Senti. Buttarelli Sento. Ma ho imparato il castigliano,. Buttarelli Excelencia,. Is he still absent? Buttarelli Tal creo. Una historia. I should tell you Buttarelli Tal vez. Don Juan Habla pues.

Talking to himself. Excuse me sir, at once,. I was thinking of the event. Out with it, then, because. Well, the story sir, round here. Skip the extraordinary. You know the story? Don Juan Entera;. Whoa, not a chance:. Don Juan Basta ya. Saluda profundamente. And do you know about. Don Juan Al menos uno;. Buttarelli Mas Holy Mother of God! Ah yes, and that man there. Ruido dentro. A noise off stage. Se asoma a la puerta. He goes to the door.

Good Lord, what a rumpus! How the crowd mills round! Look at him hold the ground. My God! What a fuss! How they run like hell! Buttarelli, Miguel. Buttarelli Presto, qui. Presto, qui. Miguel Si,. Buttarelli Micheletto,. Micheletto ,. Miguel Gia mi afretto,. Gia mi afretto,. He goes. Buttarelli, Don Gonzalo. Don Gonzalo Quiero. You are speaking with him. Talk then. Yes, but quickly, say,. Don Gonzalo En tal caso.

And is it true that he has. Buttarelli Don Luis. No, but it interests me. Buttarelli Esta mesa. Oh I hope the scene will amaze you. Don Gonzalo Lo creo. Buttarelli Son sin disputa. Without a doubt they remain. Yes, and the vilest of men. Se les imputa. I should like to see. Buttarelli A fe. Las fiestas de carnaval. Carnival celebrations let. It would be better if I were. Buttarelli Ninguno cae. Don Gonzalo Pues entonces trae. Well then, bring on. Buttarelli Al momento. Yo mismo indagar prefiero. I prefer to find the truth.

Enlace es de gran ventaja,. Its a good match I agree,. Don Gonzalo,. Buttarelli, que trae un antifaz. Buttarelli, who brings a mask. Is that the time they said? May God will what I fear. Se sienta en una mesa a la derecha y se pone el antifaz. He sits at a table to the right and puts on the mask. The old man puzzles me:.


That a man such as I has to stay. En fin, me importa el sosiego. Don Gonzalo, Buttarelli; Don Diego, la puerta del fondo. The sign is right. Another masked man? Ah, this is the place! Buttarelli Adelante. Is this it, The Laurel Inn?

DON JUAN TENORIO, por Gonzalo Vega

Sir, you are in it, you see. And the innkeeper, is he in? You are talking to him. Buttarelli Yo. Is it true that Tenorio has. Tenorio una cita? And has he dared to attend? Buttarelli No. Buttarelli Por si acaso. Don Diego En tal caso. Se sienta en el lado opuesto a don Gonzalo. Sits on the side opposite to Don Gonzalo. Shall I serve you something while. Don Diego No: tomad. Dale dinero. He gives him money. Don Diego Y excusad. En toda mi vida he visto. In all the days of my life. That a man of my descent.

Quiero ver. I need to see,. Buttarelli que anda arreglando sus trastos,. Buttarelli, who is going around arranging. Don Gonzalo and Don Diego from the back. They remain masked and in silence. What a pair of stony-faced men! My supplies are more than enough. Centellas, dos caballeros, Avellaneda. Centellas, two gentlemen, Avellaneda. Avellaneda Vinieron, y os aseguro. They came, and I assure you. Lets go in then. When was anything staged,.

Centellas Las guerras. The wars of the Emperor,. So, bring us now. It will be done, but first,. Dichos, menos Buttarelli. The same minus Buttarelli. Sit down gentlemen.

Works based on the Don Juan legend

Let Avellaneda continue. Centellas Acaso pierdas. Don Juan Tenorio se sabe. Don Juan Tenorio is known. I can blindly wager on him. Well, captain Centellas. Avellaneda Pues se acepta. Dichos, Buttarelli, con botellas. The same: Buttarelli with bottles. Here is Falerno, Burgundy,. Centellas De lo que quieras.

Serve what you want. Varios Habla, habla. Buttarelli Yo, la verdad,. But this afternoon, it must have been. I got nothing from the servant. The gentleman spoke my language. Dijo que entera. He said. I tried to find more about him. He left without saying more,. I, intent on his coins,. And you can see it there, with two chairs,. Centellas Don Juan era. Centellas Pero, hombre,. I confess my stupidity,. Pero silencio. The chimes are beginning to strike.

The clock strikes. Look, see the people coming in. Well, here comes another one to take. Ah, here it is. That chair is taken,. Don Luis A don Juan. Lo mismo digo,. I maintain this is mine. And I also, this is mine. Then you must be Don Juan Tenorio. Don Juan Puede ser. Don Luis No. Don Juan Yo tampoco. Don Juan Yo soy don Juan.

Taking off the mask. And I Don Luis. He takes of the mask. My friends, what delight? We knew of the bet tonight,.

Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla

Don Luis Don Juan y yo tal bondad. Don Juan and I are grateful. Lets not waste time Don Luis. A los otros. Sillas arrimad. To the others. Pull up a pew. To those further away. Caballeros, yo supongo. Gentlemen, I imagine. Nor I, although the game. Nor I, as all the world knows,. Por don Diego y don Gonzalo. Don Diego Yo estoy bien. This chair is fine. I can hear from mine. Don Luis Estamos. Let all that we did be seen. Don Juan Bebamos antes.

Don Luis Bebamos. Lo hacen. Lets drink. They do. Don Juan La apuesta fue I said that in Spain, no one. Don Juan Y siendo contradictorio. And my opinion, as I breathe,. Don Luis Sin duda alguna:. Don Luis Y yo. A truly strange undertaking,. Don Juan Hablad, pues. No, you open the gate. As you please, its all one,.

Well sir, leaving town,. Italy, since there a man. De la guerra y del amor. The ancient and classical land,. Donde hay soldados hay juego,. Soldiers are good. Y, pues, sobre Italia luego. And so, now to Italy. En Roma, a mi apuesta fiel,. In Rome, faithful to our bet,. I posted a sign to let them know:. I wont relate the story. Las romanas caprichosas,. The Roman women: capricious,. I went to the Spanish army.

I soon left their company,. Naples, a rich love-garden. Desde la princesa altiva. From the princess who will not bend. Let the quarrelsome ones,. Y a ver si hay quien le aventaje. Log In Sign Up. Adapting old cuentos que todos conocen: Don Juan Tenorio in the borderland Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad …, Adapting old cuentos que todos conocen: Don Juan Tenorio in the borderland.

As it is commonly accepted, interpretive deconstruction of canonical texts is a characteristic of postmodernism as well as of postcolonial writing. Introduction, 2. Don Juan Tenorio and Myth, 3. Don Juan Tenorio and Transculturation, 4. Deconstructing Don Juan, 5. The adapter usually looks ate the original text, be it legend, novel or play, with a certain degree of ambiguity where admiration, interest or disapproval are intertwined. In any case, any adaptation to be considered as such must be appreciated as a version of its source by the audience.

But tradition does have a dramatic side. As well as attending the theatrical production, during the first two days of November Spaniards usually take flowers to cemeteries, where they are laid on the tombs of deceased family members. Visitors also say their prayers with the aim of easing the passage of their relations and friends to heaven. It is not surprising that an equivalent tradition was introduced in Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense , vol. The original celebration can be traced back to the Aztec festivities held at the beginning of summer, ritually presided over by the goddess Mictecacihuatl "Lady of the Dead" , and devoted to children and the departed.

The result is that Mexicans now celebrate the Day of the Dead during the first two days of November, the modern festivity being characterized by a Mexican blend of traditional ancient Indian, Aztec and others, features together with those introduced by the Christians. In general, the day's activities consist of families visiting the graves of their close kin.

According to Ricardo Salvador , relatives engage in cleaning up the gravesites, decorating them with flowers, laying out and enjoying a picnic, and interacting socially with other community members who gather at the cemetery.

Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla - Free Ebook

Families remember their departed by telling stories about them. Gravesites or family altars are profusely decorated with bright flowers such as yellow marigolds and chrysanthemums, and adorned with religious talismans and with offerings of food, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. This festive interaction between the living and the dead constitutes an important social ritual and a way of recognizing the cycle of life and death of human existence.

Therefore it is also coherent with the postconquest religious adjustment and with an equivalent cultural transfer including a secular myth. In ay case, there may be different reasons behind adjustment but seldom faithfulness to the original culture takes place.

The loser will pay with his own life. But when they are in his chamber Don Juan unexpectedly falls desperately in love with her. When he sees his own funeral procession marching towards his tomb, he repents. The play thus ends in death, but unlike in tragedy, it is the happy death of the saved that will allow the two lovers to be united forever.

We are in a Christian environment where the afterlife offers unlimited happiness to virtuous souls. Cease, you funeral sounds: Be still, death's bells on high: fickle shadows, occupy your sepulchral mounds. On your pedestals, be found, you living sculptures, soon: let heavenly fortune in which the just delight begin for Don Juan, in sight of his very tomb.

Like many other writers before him, such as Corneille, Rostand, and Baudelaire among others. Consequently, as many critics have asserted, the figure of Don Juan, has come to share a similar place in western literature like that occupied by the mythical figures of Don Quixote, Hamlet and Faust. We should also add that the simple versification and the rhythm of the stanzas would make it easier for audiences to remember long excerpts particularly if the play were staged every year.

In fact, he incorporates the attractiveness of a vehement Romantic hero together with the repose of a prospective middle class husband. The Romantic aspect is emphasized by the use of a number of gothic metaphors that arose during the post revolutionary period in Europe, particularly those regarding fire. Through these Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense , vol. El cabello se me eriza. Banks goes on to describe Don Juan as an egocentric, promiscuous and manipulative psychopath who is unable to form meaningful relationships with others, has no fear of death and lacks any sense of responsibility.

She is, in a manner of speaking, the first woman to stir in him emotions he had never felt before. Don Juan Tenorio had been staged in Mexico as early as , the same year it had its Madrid premiere. Sometimes, like biological adaptation, cultural adaptation involves migration to favorable conditions: stories travel to different cultures and different media. Therefore, Don Juan on leaving his native land to cross the Atlantic, also leaves behind the dark romantic overtones with which both Tirso de Molina and Zorrilla illustrated his controversial relationship with Catholicism and fate.

He is a contemporary Chicano, the offspring of a dysfunctional family, who, as far as responsibility is concerned behaves like an absolute maniac. At the beginning of the play, objective time dissolves into dramatic time as on the evening of the Day Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense , vol. The music we initially hear is the corrido that Berta sings and which later on will come from a jukebox.

Arizona, two hundred and thirty. California, one hundred, and look, New York, already one thousand!