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Will the US continue to be the guarantor of the multilateral order? Will Germany step up to take on more international responsibility? In this seminar, theories of international relations are presented and then applied to explain US-American and German foreign policy strategies in times of change.

The aim is both to test these theories of international politics and to expand the understanding of the range of possible US-American and German foreign policy activities.

Jan-Frederik Kremer | Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn -

This seminar will examine the influence of domestic politics on foreign policy making in the United States and Germany. The purpose is to identify and analyze the main factors economic, social and political that help shape the foreign security policy of each of those states in international security. Political polarization, a culture of civilian power and other societal influences forge the political consensus that is the basis for foreign and security policy. Domestic developments in light of the U. Presidential election and the upcoming Bundestag election will certainly shape and define the transatlantic security cooperation.

The great unraveling from globalization, digitalization and technology advances create a dynamic domestic environment around the euro crisis, immigration, unemployment, Germany as a civilian power, nationalism that influences security policy.

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International Security in the twenty-first century now encompasses global challenges beyond territorial conflicts or Cold War threats of invading tank divisions and nuclear war. Governance in the 21st century is responsible for managing critical problems — from geopolitical territorial conflict, civil war, terrorism, economic development, cyber security, religion, refugees, resources, financial crises, and climate change. Cyber security protects the digital world of growing importance; climate change undermines the planet; conflicts over resources lead to war.

Thorsten Frei zur gemeinsamen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik der EU (23.02.2018)

Responsibility for security is being redistributed in a multipolar world. Military measures alone will not suffice to contain new security threats. Against the background of these and similar current challenges the seminar has learning outcomes that cultivate your understanding of international security and world order as well as to develop analytical abilities and tools through analysis of the changing nature of statecraft.

The search for continued peace and prosperity is the most urgent challenge for political leadership. Is the stability of the international system endangered? Can the hope for the hoped-for peaceful order that President George H.

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If not, what values, interests, and strategies should underpin a new international order? This course will explore some elements in the quest for a strategic concept to avoid and resolve conflict. James D. Bindenagel Beschreibung: Foresight into future political developments is just as necessary as dealing with policies for current issues.

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Matthias Herdegen, Prof. Hans-Dieter Heumann and others. Zu Beginn des Die sicherheitspolitische Debatte in der Bundesrepublik hinkt den globalen Entwicklungen dramatisch hinterher. Botschafter a.

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Helmut Kohl. Vor diesem Hintergrund greift unser neues Buch zentrale Fragestellungen und wichtige Zukunftsthemen auf, die sowohl die USA betreffen als auch Auswirkungen auf Europa und die gesamte Staatengemeinschaft haben werden. Joachim Bitterlich Botschafter a. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.