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Orientation time, dates, and locations vary.

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  3. Why was Alaskan fishing named the most dangerous job in the world??
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Our schedule is updated weekly. Check back frequently to determine the best session to attend. Random drug testing is conducted onboard our vessels. A full contract is 75 days. New crewmembers sign an initial probationary contract. Detailed contract information is given out during your orientation. All crewmembers are paid by crew share, which is a percentage of the value of the catch for each trip. More detailed information about pay is given during your orientation.

Life at Sea/Qualifications

Contact Us. Apply for an Alaska Fishing Job Today! Facebook Instagram Youtube. Alaska Fishing Jobs. Available Careers Learn more about various positions on our Alaska Fishing vessels. Review our job openings below. Your application will not be considered unless you have the required experience, licensing, or skill set Click Apply Now on the selected position to access the online application After applying online please allow up to 1 week to review your application. Required for Position: Open application, anyone can apply.

Assistant Factory Foreman.

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Factory Foreman. Assistant Cook. Required for Position: Galley experience.


Assistant Engineer. Required for Position: Engine room experience. Required for Position: Chief Engineer license. About Orientations. The orientation process will take approximately 2 hours. Be on time. Late arrivals are not permitted once we start an orientation.

Interviews are conducted at the end of the orientation. Submitting an application or attending an orientation is not a guarantee of employment. New crew are hired based on the needs of our vessels.

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Experience onboard a catcher processor is not required to apply. Background checks are performed on potential employees.

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  • Alaska Fishing Jobs | Fishing Jobs in Alaska | O'Hara is Hiring.
  • Frequently Asked Questions How can I apply? Submit an Application online. Can I apply in person?

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    When are orientations held? Do you drug test? Do you do background checks? Yes, criminal background checks are performed. How long are contracts?

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    How many hours per day will I work? Add pelting rain, rogue waves and icy decks, and that work becomes lethal. Because of the state's geographical location, the waters are often colder and more unforgiving than other fishing environments. These conditions add up to the deadliest occupation in the United States -- per , Alaskan fishermen perished on the job in , 26 times the national average [source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ].

    Fishing deaths also make up about a third of all occupational fatalities in Alaska each year. But within the Alaskan fishing industry, one subset takes the title of most unsafe -- crab fishing. The focus of the Discovery Channel show "Deadliest Catch," crab fishermen work one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in hopes of reaping the riches that come with a boatload of crab.

    Why can crab fishing turn into a Russian roulette game with the sea? And what's being done to help tame these dangers? On the next page, we'll crack open the crab fishing industry to learn why fishermen gamble with their lives on the boats. Crab Fishing Quiz.