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From just west of South Bend, Indiana , to the St. The St. The construction of I prompted a change. In , the Historic US Route 20 Association was formed to identify, promote and preserve the history of the route and original alignments that were once signed "Route 20" from Boston to Newport. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: U. Route 20 in Oregon. Route 20 in Idaho. Route 20 in Montana. Route 20 in Nebraska. See also: Interstate Route 20 in Iowa.

Route 20 in Illinois.

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Route 20 in Indiana. See also: St. Joseph Valley Parkway. Route 20 in Ohio. Route 20 in Pennsylvania.

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Route 20 in New York. Route 20 in Massachusetts. Roads portal. Washington, DC: U. Geological Survey. Federal Highway Administration.

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Retrieved December 4, Archived from the original on February 23, Retrieved October 9, Retrieved March 25, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved November 15, The Plain Dealer. Retrieved August 2, United States Numbered Highway System. Mainline highways Divided routes Special routes. Routes in italics are no longer a part of the system. By Salena Zito. June 16, am Updated June 18, am. On a blustery afternoon in April, I filed into a van along with 10 students from Harvard. We had just spent the last two days in Chicopee, Mass.

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The undergrads were buzzing with their impressions. Chicopee is about 90 miles west of their prestigious university in Cambridge, but when it comes to shared experience, it might as well have been 1, light years away. None of the students had an answer. Even though these kids had almost all been raised in the United States, our journey sometimes felt like an anthropology course, as though they were seeing the rest of the country for the first time.

And this was their opening lesson. I have been a national political journalist for nearly 15 years. Whenever and wherever I travel in this country, I abide by a few simple rules: No planes, no interstates and no hotels. The same is true of going to locally owned restaurants versus chains. Also, you have to spend time in a community to really report on it.

Parachuting in for a few hours to interview the locals can lead to flawed evaluations.

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When you are short on time, your instincts can get blurred and you gravitate toward the shiny objects, the oddball people and conditions that make the most noise, instead of taking a broader focus on the bigger, fuller picture. Days after my speech, two IOP directors said the students wanted to learn more from me.

I told them the best course would be a total immersion into the less-populated parts of the country, no different from the way I approach my daily job. Chris Kuang, a year-old sophomore from Winchester, Mass. Only one student, Henna Hundal, 20, had grown up in a rural environment — an almond farm in Turlock, Calif. The students ranged in age from 19 to 21, with an equal number of girls and boys and a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The majority of them hailed from cities and suburbs in blue states along the East and West coasts. One was from Wales. And so we embarked on our journey. For the next few weeks, I would conduct three classes in rural and industrial towns in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The 27,square-foot Hu Ke Lau has been an institution in this town for over a half-century. Chris Rock, Joan Rivers and countless other comedians have performed on its stage, but after tonight it was closing its doors for good. Jasmine quickly struck up a conversation with the students and was thrilled when she found out they were from Harvard.

Her mother, Monique, smiled and shook her head in agreement. This rang a bell for Hundal, a stem-cell biology senior. At the end of the day, Hundal was touched by the connection she felt with a group of strangers. Susan Olson, a silver-haired instructor, made her way over to the students with a broad smile and a swagger. In May, the students found more insights in the Mahoning Valley of Ohio, where they broke bread at the iconic MVR restaurant with Joe Cassese, the third member of his family to own the eatery.

I love my community. Cassese was interrupted several times as he talked to the students, but he was the first to interrupt himself. Above us, where the outdoor bar is located, the board members of his community group were passing the time with beers and gossip. At one point, Samantha Frenkel-Popell, a year-old social science major from the Bay Area, declared that she was ready to move here. The next day, the students sat alongside artisans making Fiestaware pottery at a china plant along the curve of the Ohio River.

Salena Zito

They got their hands dirty as they made their own coffee mugs, added intricate decals to handmade dishware and spun plates to the exactly right circumference.