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1. What is a spiritual gift?

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Mlungisi Elvis Ndlovu. Pope Benedict XVI. Stephen Mansfield. Will a Man Rob God? Larry T. Assembling Together. Watchman Nee. Cynthia Harper. How to Find God. Johns V. The Finished Work of Christ. Aaron Carey. Adult Christian Life. If a church has no pastor, then its primary goal should be to pray for, and get one, and then follow him. They are mature believers — elders who earn the right to govern a church — so they become ordained elders Acts Jesus is our best example of what we need our pastor to be like.

People need teaching, and more than that, they need preaching 1Cor , Every church needs a ruling elder — a pastor Tit Without a pastor, the church is like a country without a government head. You can have loads of bureaucracy, but it cannot go forward without leadership! A pastor gives the needed leadership.

His vision. His example 1Cor His relationship with the Lord. A pastor oversees manages the growth and efforts his flock, and spiritually care for those to whom he ministers by living like them, among them, and for them! He is not to dominate their lives, but guide , love, protect them, and if need be, give his life for them as Christ did! He heeds his flock - knows them; cares for their needs Jam , This is where he keeps them in line with the Bible, and keeps them in motion, always serving the Lord.

He feeds teaches his flock with the word of God Bible teaching. He increases his flock — gets them soul-winning, and goes out soul-winning too. He warns his flock - that is what preaching and teaching is for! Christians are to obey the instruction and guidance of a godly pastor, knowing he watches for your soul, and will give an account to God for how you lived your life Heb , Every Christian needs a godly pastor. One of the best jobs of pastors is to train more pastors 2Tim Pastors come from within a flock.

That is how God supplies men to go and reach the world with the gospel — through godly men training faithful men! A Calling from God 2Tim ,2,. All pastors first are elders mature Christians , but all elders are not pastors. A Gender 1Tim ; 1Cor ,35; 1Pet A Lot of Character 1Tim ; Titus Blameless — above reproach. Vigilant — hard working. Sober — mindful, careful about how he does things.