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One of these is Psalm 32 and the other is Psalm These Psalms were apparently written after David had confessed his sin, been forgiven by God and been restored to fellowship. No, those days were days of suffering for David.

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Look at what he says in Psalm and Psalm The Sweet Psalmist of Israel seems to have lost his song! The moisture of Heaven in his soul has dried up. David is broken by the weight of his sins. He had no joy, Psa. His entire life has grown unstable, Psa. He was suffering under the chastisement of the Lord and he knew it, Pro. The guilt must have been unbearable! When we sin against the Lord, we can be sure of His chastisement. It may not come immediately, but it will come. That is His promise, Rev. When it comes on, you can ignore it, you can break the light, or you can get the problem fixed.

If you ignore it or break the light, eventually, you will harm the engine. If you fix it, everything goes back to normal. The same is true with guilt. It is the check engine light of the soul. When it comes on, do not ignore it, but take the problem to Jesus and get it fixed. One answer may lie in the fact that David probably was not ready to be confronted when the sin was first committed. He might have rebelled at that time, caught up as he was in his pleasure and the cover-up. God confronted David and He did so at the perfect time to secure the right response.

Who said, “Thou art the man”?

God will use the same tactics in your life and mine! We may feel like we are getting a pass for a time, but we need to be aware that God is working behind the scenes. And, when the time is right, He will confront our sins and call us back to Him. By the way, people never gat away with sin, Gal. The context and the story Nathan told. God sent Nathan the Prophet, a man David respected to confront his sin. Nathan came in with a story about a rich man with many sheep who took the only lamb belonging to a poor neighbor to feed a man who was juts passing through.

When David hears this tale, he is livid! He demands that the rich man restore the poor man four-fold, and then he orders the rich man to be executed. Then David hears words that he never thought he would hear. You took the only thing Uriah had in this life and then you took his life.

By Susan Amper

You had it all, but you wanted more! Thou are the man! The sin that was so carefully hidden away is exposed for all to see! Now, there is a price to pay! Note : Never think for a minute that sin can be successfully hidden away forever. God knows exactly where it is buried, Heb. He will confront that hidden sin and expose it for what it is! That will be a shocking day in the life of the guilty party.

That is why it is so important for us to keep short accounts with God! I think his heart was broken over having to confront his friend. In the course of my ministry, I have had to do that. If that day comes, do not do it in anger or in self-righteousness. Do it in a spirit of love and with a broken heart; realizing that were it not for the grace of God it could be you who was being confronted, Gal.

God had chosen him, saved him, blessed him and elevated him to the throne of Israel. God had given him more than he could have ever imagined and God would have given him so much more, if he had only wanted it, and this is how David repays the Lord for His grace and kindness. What a stinging rebuke! Surely it melted the heart of the King! Note : The blessings of God and the grace of God that we have been given ought to serve as a shield against evil!

To think of all that He has done for us and then to consider how we treat Him. The Lord deserves far better than He receives from His children! After the Lord has been so good to you! How could you!? Note : I would imagine that our sins hurt Him just as deeply. Look at all He has done for us! He loved us. He gave His Son to die for us. He saved us when we should have been thrown in to Hell.

He has been good to us, meeting our needs, lifting our burdens, blessing us in ten thousand little ways. And, we act like we owe Him nothing! When sin comes our way, we forget who we are; we forget about the Lord; we lose ourselves in the pleasure of the moment.

Thou Art the Man

I know it must break His heart! The second verse of that song goes like this:. Verse 2: Seems I'm so good at breaking promises. But each time He forgives, what if He relives. The agony He felt on that tree. Can He hear the crowd cry, Crucify again? Am I causing Him pain, then I know I've got to change,.

I just can't bare the thought of hurting Him. God help us to consider what our sins do to Him! This thing is not about us, our pleasure or our happiness. This life is about Him, first and foremost, Matt.

15. Thou art the man! (2 Samuel 12)

For the first time in months he can see the situation just as it is and he makes a full and honest confession. Instead of justice, David has received mercy and grace. He has been forgiven and he has been pardoned! The time of alienation from God is over! He is restored!

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies: Issue (Summer )

Here is what David said happened when he dealt with his sins, Psalm Note : This is how God always operates. When sin is confessed openly and honestly, it is forgiven by the Lord. As far as David and God were concerned they were gone forever! That is a blessing and that is what happens when we come to Him for forgiveness. When we deal with our sins in open and honest confession, God forgives them and removes their stain from our lives, 1 John ; Pro.

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That is how sin is to be handled, and when it is, forgiveness and restoration are always the result! The fact that sin was forgiven and cleansed away did not mean that there would not be some fallout from what had taken place. The next few verses teach us the truth that David paid dearly for his sins! What a tragic price David paid for his sin! He would later lose three of his own sons in a violent manner, Amnon, 2 Sam. The sin David committed affected him and his family for years to come. He would see his wives treated with the same contempt he had shown for Bathsheba.

As we will see later, his sin paralyzed David when it came to dealing with sin in the lives of his children. The knowledge of his own sins caused him to do nothing about the sins of his sons. We will explore that more thoroughly next time. Here the veil is removed; he sees clearly and judges impartially. For this reason among others our Lord "spake many things unto them in parables. The force of truth depends upon the particular application which is made of it.

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It is as if hitherto only the back of the offender was seen, when, suddenly turning round, his face appeared, and David beheld himself! David listened to a sermon from Nathan, which exactly suited his own case, and yet he did not apply it to himself. He turned the edge of it from himself to another. The benefit of sermons depends more upon the hearer than the preacher. The best sermon is that who hear most, but who apply most what they hear to their own hearts.

Every man is responsible to God for the sin which he has committed. Is the man whom thou judgest accountable for his conduct; and art not thou for thine? Is he accountable to thee? How much more art thou to God? No position, however exalted, can release from responsibility to him or exempt from obedience to his commandment; no constitutional tendency, no temptation, expediency, or necessity be an adequate reason for despising it Ezekiel ; Romans He Should bear the blame who fashioned me.

Call a mere change of motive choice? A messenger of Heaven is always in readiness to single out the sinner, bring his sin to remembrance, and call him to account. Every wrong done to man, yea, every sin, is a factual contempt of his commandment Psalm Whilst the supreme King and Judge observes it, and is long suffering towards the doer of it, he provides many witnesses, holds them in reserve, and sends them with his word at the proper moment to declare all its enormity - its ingratitude ver.