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Peanut Butter Cup Punch Bowl Cake

Every week these four couples would get together to play cards — one week at our house, one week at another house, and so on.

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When Mom was upstairs dressing Dad tasted the punch, made a face, and added bourbon. A little while later Mom came downstairs in a swirly dress and high heeled shoes that clicked on the hardwood floors as she walked.

Irresistible Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberry Topping

She clicked over to the punch, took a taste, made a face, and added a little vodka. I was allowed to attend the party for an hour before my bedtime. Back then children learned to sit quietly and mind their manners — I figured if I was very quiet no one would notice I was still up. So, I crept over to the stairs and sat where I was a little hidden by the garland but could see everything in the living room.

The doorbell rang and the guests were ushered in with lots of laughter and loud talking, air kisses, and a blast of icy air. The party had begun. He tasted the punch, looked around furtively, and grabbed some rum from bar area.

A splash of rum went into the punch. I do remember that the laughter got more raucous as the evening wore on and I finally fell asleep on the stairs. I seem to remember that Dad stumbled out into the kitchen to give me permission to eat my cereal in the den, watch cartoons as long as I wanted, and stay in my pajamas all day — as long as I let Mommy and Daddy sleep. Moral of the story? There is none. You can vary the fruit, the creamy part, and even the cake! You get the idea. This strawberry punch bowl cake recipe can handle any season and any fruit that you can throw at it!

I used a yellow cake mix for this recipe. Oh my…. Looks delicious. Can I substitute fresh whipped cream for cool-whip…Iol.. I just had to ask. Ooh I love the look of this layered dessert! I really want to make this for my family! Every time I post a recipe using shortening, I get the same reaction. My grandma lived to be almost 90 and fried in shortening. She even used it as eye cream at times. Seriously- if it has Cool Whip in it there are no leftovers.

Oooo, totally loving this idea Kristan!

Peanut Butter Cup Punch bowl Cake

So much fun eating dessert from a jar…. And people, if you want to use something other than Cool Whip, that's cool, but you don't have to make a point of telling me and bragging about how you know what's more pure…ugh. Banana pudding cannot be replicated with anything home made. It has to be vanilla wafers from the box, pudding from a box and cool whip. Can we still be friends? I mean, I bet I would like it!

This looks so cute in the little jars…completely Southern! At my birthday parties, my mom let my friends and I dump all the ingredients in to make my own punch bowl cake. She had the right idea by letting us do all the work. And you are right about there just being something about mixing cake with pudding. This looks just delicious, especially in the mason jars. With fresh fruit in season, the possibilities are endless. I am not above using lard when cooking Mexican. I also feel it unnecessary for people to make such comments concerning a recipe.

Asking about the alternative is fine, but passing judgement is not. Will be making these soon…after a visit to the farmers market for some fresh fruit :.

MARIA'S KITCHEN Presents: Punch Bowl Cake

In your description above, about the 4th paragraph from the bottom, I think you meant to say crushed pineapple, not crushed coconut. I too have a love for the Punch Bowl Cake. I was raised in Calfornia but have Southern rootS. I use fresh fruit instead of canned but I do use the Cool Whip. Loved your humor in the post! I just love roundabout judginess. The recipe is adorable, especially in jars. Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one with an aversion to the cotton in pill bottles! I use tweezers to pick it out.

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Just a few tricks to the trade. I am getting ready to make a cake for our local county fair. Wish me luck for a nice light high cake. I have tried soooo many different recipes. I wish I knew which box contains my mother's cake pan! Made it! Loved it! My mom made Angel Food Cake for our brithdays and iced it with her own special whipped frosting had flour, milk, etc. It was a party in your mouth! I'm the youngest 61 yrs old of four kids, so we had the pleasure of enjoying her special cake and frosting a few times each year I have her angel food cake pan and it is my job to provide the 'brithday cakes'!

I just wanted to submit my review. I made this today. Im not too much of a baker, but I really wanted some angel food cake and wont eat store bought baked goods. They just seem so unsatisfying! This was my first angel food cake attempt ever. I used cane sugar and all purpose baking flour, because that is what I had. I dont think the cane sugar was a big deal cause I ground it up nice and fine, but I would use the cake flour next time.

Once I had added the flour, it didnt mix as well as I would have liked, I could see little clumps. Otherwise everything turned out awesome. It was slightly tedious, but a fun recipe with simple ingredients. So I enjoyed. I put it in a normal cake pan again, cause its all I had. Turned really pretty. I smoothed it on top, and it didnt crack up, I think next time Ill make a little design with the batter so it looks pretty on top.

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Great recipe! Her Angel food cake recipe with step by step photos is here. It turned out pretty good if I do say so. Ive made this cake not his recipe instead of taking time to grind the sugar simply use 10x confectioners sugar to add to the flour mixture, an absolutely wonderful cake said my Grandmother and her friends I made it for her birthday. And the confectioner sugar takes away one step and truly start to finish this recipe only took 20 min to make and then bake and cool and your done. My 13 yr old will have fun making this with all of his farm chicken eggs.

His aunt C. I can't wait for the smiles Looking forward to trying this version of one of my favorite cakes to make tonight for Christmas tomorrow. Just a note: having grown up in Australia but lived in the US too, cooks in the US may be interested to know that virtually every single cake recipe in Australia calls for superfine sugar we call it caster sugar.

It is so much easier to cream, add to egg whites for meringues and dissolve into cream cheese for frosting. I use it much more than regular granulated sugar. When I had to take cooking classes in school, lo many, many years ago, we always had to use caster sugar. I find it is hard to get in Canada, so I grind granulated sugar. It makes a much lighter cake and is easier to cream. In making my Christmas desserts, Tiramisu and Semifredo, I am left with 10 or 12 egg whites.

So I plan to use these to make an Angel Food Cake for my birthday next month. I understand that the cake can be frozen. I would prefer to freeze the cake rather than the egg whites. My family lovesss angel food cake and we always make it with a cocoa fluff icing which really enhances the flavor of the cake. Since the cake is super sweet the bitterness of the cocoa frosting which is kind of like a light light mousse makes it taste even better!

You can make your own cake flour. Just take out 2 tbsp. Make sure you sift this about 5 times, so it will incorporate it really well. You can also look it up online, how to make cake flour out of regular flour. She grinds her sugar and cake flour in a food processor to make it super fine which [ I Love your Details, I grew up, and always was served as my birthday cake, and will continue the tradition, adding your refinements, and wanted to share that; after cake is Cooled, removed.

Use a cake knife, to separate into 2 layers. Frost entire cake and serve as Chilled Cake. Your directions Make all the Difference, thank-you:. I just made this cake and it's upside down on a pot resting. Looks fabulous and it was so easy to follow your directions with the pictures! Thanks so much. Now I have to wait to try it as it's my sister's birthday cake. Hmmm, I wonder if she'd notice a piece missing?! We have laying hens. So today I was thinking of making this cake to use some of our eggs!

I am sure it will be worth the extra steps! Crossing my fingers and thanks for the recipe!!! Thank you for the step by step here and the extra care instructions. May I pin your recipe? I made this cake with strawberries!!!! I am curious about the use of just vanilla- i noticed a lot of recipes also use almond extract. Have a cake in the oven right now. Takes me back in time. My aunt baked many of them in my childhood days.

I am adding her secret ingredient You swirl it into the mixture right before putting it into the baking pan. Finish it off with pink icing and just a little thinned white icing drizzled over the edges. I may add a few sprinkles over the top. Am taking it to a picnic tonight. I have made this cake four times, and it is delicious. I always return to your recipe. I had always been "scared" to make an angel food cake because I thought it could be tricky. But this recipe has made it easier and it has turned out perfectly every time Leigh DeVore.

I like the fact that the cake is simple to make. Also, could you do these as cupcakes? That would be delicious. Not sure that I will go racing to make another one soon, given […].

The Punch Bowl Cake is a Southern potluck classic!

I've never made a homemade angel food cake before trying this recipe. I did too.