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Rash implies haste, impetuousness, and insufficient consideration: "Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash" George S. Foolhardy implies injudicious or imprudent boldness: a foolhardy attempt to wrest the gun from the mugger. Temerarious suggests reckless presumption: "this temerarious foeman who dared intervene between himself [the elephant] and his intended victim" Edgar Rice Burroughs. German ruchlos ]. Switch to new thesaurus. Lacking or marked by a lack of care: careless , feckless , heedless , inattentive , irresponsible , thoughtless , unconcerned , unmindful , unthinking.

Characterized by unthinking boldness and haste: brash , foolhardy , harum-scarum , hasty , headlong , hotheaded , ill-considered , impetuous , improvident , impulsive , incautious , madcap , precipitant , precipitate , rash , slapdash , temerarious , unconsidered. Mentioned in? So… okay to be dark. Love this book!!! If you need a hot sexy funny and emotional book this is what you look for!!!

View all 69 comments. Woah, can I have a bit more JAX, please? Whoops, sorry to digress. Jaxon, former actor, now professional stuntman has lived a life riddled with not being good enough for family, used by women across the globe for his "connections," and has pretty much given up on pleasing people. He's rough, he's tough, all tattooed biker hotness.

If you don't like it, look the other way Lexie LaCroix, couture dress designer extraordinaire has zero life outside her career. As an ex-model, she's very leery of men coming onto her based on her looks alone. To have a man love her for who she is. Well, that's a fantasy She doesn't have that. But she does wish she had a person to love, it's been a long time since she's been with a man.

The last man putting her career at risk when things went sour. She won't do that again Her career comes first. No man will threaten all she's built with LaCroix Designs. Lexie sets eyes on a hot rough guy in the airport. Having a bit of fun, she uses this test app on her phone to access his cell phone number and begins sending him anonymous sexy texts. This goes on for an hour while waiting for their flight.

Lexie loves the anonymity of it all. No string attached. The texts get steamy. She decides to ask him what kind of sex he likes Jax can't believe he's sexting a woman he has never set his eyes on. He's intrigued by her. Having not even seen her face, he doesn't care She's being so mysterious. Will she accept? Sparks ignite in a dark hotel room the next day. Can Lexie trust that Jax won't harm her career? It's all about image and he's a bad boy. Can Jax trust Lexie is interested in him and not what he can do for her professionally? They've both got huge reservations but can't resist the sexual pull Things heat up quickly You're instantly drawn to their chemistry from that first text.

You want the two to makes things work but they're both resistant for different reasons. Until they come together in the dark hotel room, not even setting eyes on each other. In the cover of darkness, they let their guards down Looking forward to the continuation of the Renegades Series.

Sexy stuntmen? Sign me up! Arc received from Cygnet Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 70 comments. View all 22 comments. Aug 27, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: is-getting-hot-in-here , perfect-book-boyfriend , fighters-and-bad-asses. Lexie is a wedding designer. She is the woman who makes brides dreams come true and very famous brides! Jax used to be an actor. Which is basically and very sexy and dangerous career choice. Both of them are afraid of relationships because people always want them for the wrong reasons.

Not to mention Lexie needs to be seen in order to make it.. But when what started as a simple sexual relationship with no strings, quickly becomes something more… well, the story gets more complicated. First let me tell you: This was hot!!

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And the sexting, oh boy, the sexting! The story was pretty good and I find myself hooked to every page of this book. A damn great reading! View all 50 comments. I was really excited to read this one. This is the story of stuntman Jax and dress designer Lexi. They meet by chance in the airport, and with some super cool technology, Lexi gets Jax's cell phone number I fell in love with this couple and they delivered.

Boy did they ever!!! Thank you Lkay for the book rec and everyone should definitely give this one a go Pushed inside, retreated, pushed IN. Jax is all about RISK.

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And letting go UM let me think about that LOVED it. LOVED the story. LOVED everything!!! Hands down one of the hottest books I've read! I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like the heroine, Lexi. But she definitely came through. Reckless is Jax and Lexi's story. The Renegades are a stunt team, owned by Jax.

Future books will be about other "Renegades". So this one was a standalone with a HEA! I really hope Wes and Rubi's story is next! Both are flying to NY. Jax always manages to bed women that use him to get somewhere in the movie biz. He's used to his family being "ashamed" of him. Lexi is more straight-laced, burying herself in work with no time for a personal life. She is a dress designer and has high profile clients; therefore, image is very important to her. Lexi is testing out her BFFs latest software phone app on unsuspecting patrons of the airport--one being Jax. Lexi is able to get phone numbers without the owners knowing.

So she strikes up a text convo with Jax Knowing that she doesn't have the time for a relationship and fearing that his "image" could effect her current clients and potential partnership. Lexi-- Leaving a fine speciman of a man like that behind! Jax and Lexi eventually "reconnect" and discover each other's true identities. But will that push them closer together or tear them apart?

Will Lexi get the partnership if she chooses Jax? Really loved how this one ended. And I loved that there wasn't a bunch of unnecessary juvenile drama. This was a pretty quick read and I will definitely be checking out the other books in the series. Fantastic debut Skye Jordan. View all 37 comments. Aug 25, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , netgalley , lol , tattoos.

Jax 2. More Jax! All-the-time Jax!!!!! Well, Ms. Jordan is really good at writing it. She definitely stands out. This book is wet, sweet, hot, soft, hard This book is for everyone, so go read it now!!! If you come, come as you are. ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review. View all 36 comments. The story is about two gorgeous people looking for something Over the last 2 years, she'd become the most expensive, most in-demand cout 4. Over the last 2 years, she'd become the most expensive, most in-demand couture wedding dress designer in Southern California.

She has a beautiful face and a body to die for Jax, Stuntman extraordinaire and former actor I was swooning and melting all over the place I for one am going to partaking; he's an expert lover too!!!! It gives you hot, wild, wonderful Sometimes I need emotional roller-coaster type reads, full of raw angst, and sometimes I need Beautiful, romantic and heart melting "Risk. Jax is all about risk.

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And letting go. Jax and his motivation for his actions, view spoiler [ when he left her hide spoiler ] was just a little lame, imo. I still loved it but, I would have preferred it to be slightly different. I'm being picky, I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a story about Lexi's fabulous best friend, Rubi and Jax's cheeky friend, Wes View all 62 comments. Jax - - I'm not afraid to brawl for him either!

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Just watch my nails Ok, now on to the book. I loved it! I'm so happy that there wasn't any unnecessary drama here. With what Jax and Lexi were dealing with, the author could have delivered drama on top of drama on top of drama But NOPE, not here. We had two rational adults dealing with their relationship, while trying to stake a claim in their respective worlds. Both had understandable vulnerabilities, but they dealt with those issues I know! How refreshing! And the steam. I lost my poor ovaries during this book.

After the airport texting, I just knew they didn't stand a chance. So, if you're one of the now remaining 9 people that haven't read this book I'm just going to give you the little extra push that you need. View all 39 comments. Shelves: first-book-read-from-author , arc-net-galley , contemporary-romance. This was the kind of man she craved- a rough around the edges, blue collar, hard loving man. A few tattoos, a dark background, confidence in the bedroom A serious case of insta-love and it's hot as hell!!!

This book's pretty much a series of misunderstanding after misunderstanding, yet somehow it manages to work for me. It could have something to do with the fact that Jax is hot as hell, just a thought View all 13 comments. This is a FABULOUS book that is fun, sweet, sassy, sexy, sexy, sexy, romantic, heartfelt and in the end a phenomenal love story about 2 "scared to trust" people who have to overcome their insecurities to be together.

So here's Jax- or as I like to think of him "Sex on a Stick" Then there is adorable Lexi- Their eyes meet at an airport and then Lexi wit 5 - "You'll-know-its-right-when-you-find-him kind of instant relationship" - Fanfreakingtastic Stars So this review will state more of the same!!! So here's Jax- or as I like to think of him "Sex on a Stick" Then there is adorable Lexi- Their eyes meet at an airport and then Lexi with the help of an app that her best sassy friend Rubi has her try out texts Jax anonymously.

Well let's say that it is sexting at its finest Then they meet up at the hotel after they land in NY- anonymously again and in the dark so no faces can be seem and proceed to We've got all night to explore the many different kinds of orgasms that exist. And no, baby, they're not all the same. Their relationship progresses but they are both so skittish Both have responsibilities that get in the way of being together. But they do have a connection, it's real and they both get each other and for once, neither wants something from the other, besides themselves.

Along the way, we get to experience Lexi and Jax coming together for their HEA, it's not easy getting there but they do and it's Perfection. It's just a Wonderful, Sassy, Sexy read- plain and simple. No twisting plot, some angst, but all in all a fabulous love story. I'm a total romantic at heart and a one story HEA is just awesome in my book. I am looking forward to the next book in the series whoever it is about, that is how much I loved this author. So hurry up and write Skye, I'm hoping for a steamy read about Wes and Rubi!!

So should you read this View all 42 comments. Shelves: hot-bikers , fluffy-romance , favorite-couple , badass-heroine , r-i-p-ovaries , buddy-rec , swoon-worthy , book-boyfriends , favorites , hotness-alert. Not one but found two book boyfriends this week I still love you Horsey! He loves living his life full of risk, danger and being reckless. But when it comes to relationships, women always used him for his fame, which leaves him pretty devastated. So when he receives a message from an unknown sender, he has hots for this stranger woman who makes him laugh, for a while his world is not burdened with worries.

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LEXI: Jax, this is crazy. When Lexi sees Jax in airport her libido drives her crazy, but she has to remain anonymous in order to avoid confrontation by paparazzi. Both end up flirting and sexting most of the waiting time in airport and decide to hook up one night for crazy sex. They part ways with no promise of meeting again. It was sweet, witty and steamy with enchanting romance. Chemistry between Lexi and Jax was sizzling hot.

It had me swooning, giggling and sighing. View all 46 comments. This is one of those books that makes you go when its over This story was so freaking cute and the sex scenes were HOT! Lexi is an dress designer trying to get the contract of her life. She also hasn't had a man in a looooooong time. She sees Jax at the airport when they are both headed to New York and is like but she has this image she needs to uphold so she can't be seen with him cause he's a bad boy Anyways, She uses this high tech app to get his number and texts 4.

Anyways, She uses this high tech app to get his number and texts him which IRL would be somewhat creepy but Whatever this is story land so it's cool. Jax if you don't want Lexi you can always pick me! Anyways they get back to LA and try to forget each other but can't. Jax calls her and they meet up again but he thinks she only wants him for his fame since he's been burned before. He realizes that isn't so and apologizes and then they hook up again But then its possible his image may hurt her career. After they get some misunderstandings sorted out we get our wonderful HEA.

View all 9 comments. Aug 23, Sheryl C. Nash rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-it , romance-erotica , romance-contemporary. OH WOW!!!

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How in the world did I not know this??? Now, onto the gushing It was so funny I soooo need to get me one of those apps - read the book, you'll understand what I'm talking about!! And the emotions The second book in this series; Rogue, cannot come soon enough, I reckon!! So Skye, will it be about Wes and Rubi??? I want that app! LOVE it! I hate that it ended just like that! But the third book, Ricochet , is not out till Winter ?? View all 35 comments.

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Jun 08, Denisa rated it really liked it Shelves: cute , fun , relaxing , giddy , romance , better-than-i-expected. If you're looking for something light, short, fast and fun, this is it. It was so much better than I expected, the chars were wonderful! I liked it a lot more than I thought. Thnx for the recommendation, guys!

You're awesome! View all 14 comments. This is part of who I am too. I was just resisting that uncomfortable merge" Stuntman, Jax meets his other half Lexi, a dress designer. Both in different worlds and with a past to forget! So, what's happens when these two meet? You undressed me faster than I could myself in New York" "Ride me hard, naughty girl" "Open your eyes.

You wanted to make love make looking into my eyes. Keep them open" Steamy, delici "I told you to come as you were" "I did. Keep them open" Steamy, delicious and hot, that was exactly happens! Biker Boy all shadows and intensity" Reckless is perfect smut fix! Have fun reading! View all 28 comments. Shelves: tats-n-piercings , erotica , 4 , fucked-up-n-broken. A night to shed their inhibitions and enjoy each others company turns out into so much more than they both were ever expecting….

She has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and is fully aware that image is everything, and every thing can come crumpling down with the slightest scandal or if she is seen with the devil himself. Jax is a reckless bad boy, in and out of bed, he stopped giving a shit years ago and nothing or no one is ever going to change that. Woman tend to use him to get ahead in the business, part of the fakeness of the industry, he knows better than to trust women He stops at nothing to get her, taunting her daily, tempting her to give in When you are scared the easiest thing you can do is run Reckless is a story about two people who have been used and abused, who find it hard to trust and love.

It was a recklessly sexy read, full of dirty texting and lust. They are complete opposites who complement and complete each other; Jax is an adrenaline junkie while Lexi is a Barbie doll. Although the US imported little oil from the Persian Gulf, prices almost quadrupled. Long gas lines made the rift in the relationship a daily reality for Americans; over the next two years, US GDP fell 6 percent.

The oil cuts ended after Khalid bin Abdulaziz succeeded Faisal, who was assassinated by a deranged nephew in , and Jimmy Carter became president in A new channel of cooperation was established: covert intelligence operations. During the years following the oil embargo, security concerns shaped the US—Saudi relationship.

The Carter Doctrine identified the region as a vital interest for the United States and pledged to defend it with force. Bush offered to station US forces in the kingdom—forces that eventually evicted Iraqi troops from Kuwait. That bombing, directed and financed by Iran, heightened Saudi fears of being drawn into a conflict between the US and Iran, while the size and visibility of the US presence were seen as potentially provocative to Saudis, for whom reliance on foreign troops raised questions about the competence and integrity of the monarchy.

Years of multibillion-dollar arms purchases did not incline the al-Sauds to invest in recruiting and training a competent military. These purchases were more about strengthening the relationship with Washington by recycling petrodollars, pacifying the Saudi military elite by supplying it with top-tier weaponry, and sending to hostile neighbors signals of the US security guarantee implied by these arms transfers than about building real military capacity. They feared the kind of ambitious generals who ran Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Pakistan, and sought a close defense relationship with the US and a coup-proof military instead.

A second crisis reshaped the relationship after the September 11 attacks. The superannuated princes who ran the country could barely acknowledge that their citizens were involved—some pointed the finger at Israel—until attacks in Riyadh in gave them an opportunity to present themselves as fellow targets of radical Islamists, and they quickly pivoted into being allies in the US war on terror. US intelligence chiefs forged close ties to Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the highly capable, pro-American counterterrorism chief.

At least two plots that could have killed significant numbers of Americans during the Obama administration were disrupted because of Saudi tips. So what has gone wrong? Saudi disappointment in the US was exacerbated by the diplomacy that led to the Iranian nuclear accord, which Riyadh saw as presaging a broader rapprochement with Iran and paving the way for a US departure from the Persian Gulf region.

Saudi diplomats, led by then ambassador to the US Adel al-Jubair, disparaged Obama as a weak leader, when what they really deplored was his refusal to go along with hard-line Saudi hostility to Iran.

healy - Reckless

Further destabilization resulted from the death in of King Abdullah, who had reigned for ten years after a decade as crown prince and de facto ruler during the long illness of his half-brother and predecessor, Fahd. Salman, the sixth son of Ibn Saud to ascend the throne, did so in the traditional manner, having been designated crown prince by Abdullah and a council of senior princes.

But the new king and his favorite son, Mohammad, quickly showed themselves to be little beholden to tradition. Unlike many princes of his generation and even the preceding one, MBS had been schooled entirely in Saudi Arabia. Less than two months later, MBS committed Saudi-led coalition forces to a military campaign against the Houthi rebels who had captured Sanaa, the Yemeni capital.

The Saudi court rapidly began an unprecedented effort to centralize power, eliminating numerous government bodies that had been controlled by leading princes and replacing them with committees staffed with nonroyal technocrats loyal to MBS. In MBS rolled out Vision , a far-reaching plan to modernize and diversify the Saudi economy. At first, Vision gave MBS a real sheen. Donald Trump broke with tradition and made the first overseas trip of his presidency to Riyadh instead of visiting democratic allies.

Despite the reforms, there has also been an increase in the pace of executions. Several are now planned for well-known Sunni clerics who, though previously incarcerated for opposing royal policies, were viewed as too popular to be treated more harshly. The confrontation has destroyed in all but name the Gulf Cooperation Council, the regional association the US helped create in to strengthen defenses against Iran. On a morning when he thought he was going on a trip to the desert with MBS, he was separated from his bodyguards and forced to read a statement of resignation on television—his tolerance for Hezbollah had angered the Saudis.

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  • Only after multiple world leaders demanded his release could he fly back to Beirut, where he rescinded the resignation. More recently, the Saudis have pumped money into the Sudanese military to help it put down the demonstrations that toppled the longtime strongman Omar Hassan al-Bashir in April. Saudi officials also appear to be supporting the campaign of the Benghazi-based Libyan general Khalifa Haftar against the UN-backed government in Tripoli—a campaign backed, in an extraordinary turnaround, by President Trump.

    Although all this has been a dramatic departure from decades of practice—in their meeting aboard the USS Quincy , Ibn Saud requested assurances from FDR that the US would oppose the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine—there is evidence that at least some Saudis think the time for it has come. But for MBS, this change is as much the result of a shared enmity with Iran and affinity for a fellow authoritarian in Jerusalem as it is a lobbying strategy.

    Intelligence cooperation between the two countries appears to have increased dramatically.