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He really has done his homework with that.

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AHS: Roanoke had many moving parts to its plot line. Season 6 was based off of the historical colony of Roanoke that disappeared in the 16th century.

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The colonizers that came over and settled into what is now known as North Carolina were having a hard time surviving, so leader John White went back to England to ask for aid. Three years later, he returned to find his colony had vanished with only the word "Croatoan" carved on a fence. Many theories have surfaced throughout the years, and in true AHS fashion, Ryan put his own twist on an old-fashioned ghost story.

While many of AHS' storylines have been rooted in the past, Season 7 took a turn and was set in present day. Specifically, the fact that Hilary Clinton lost her presidency campaign.

Is Slender Man Capitalizing on a Real-Life Tragedy?

Though the story of course had murder, violence, and a people-being-brainwashed twist, TV viewers made the connection between AHS and a real-life society. However, Ryan made it very clear it was not just about the two politicians. We all know that Ryan and the rest of the cast like to keep tight-lipped regarding the premise of the upcoming season.

However, we do know that Season 8 will bring back some familiar faces.


We are not just talking about recurring actors coming back for the upcoming installment, no. The kasbah area I write about in the book is now only a very small part of modern Algiers.

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I felt I was able to imbibe something of the atmosphere, and the climate, and the positioning of the houses towards the sea. And that enabled me to imagine the contrast with Iceland and think how extraordinary it must have been to step off a ship and find yourself in a place where everything was so incredibly different. So far, so rooted in real events.

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While a historical novel, it also contains contemporary resonances, particularly in the way it examines how different people integrate into a society that is completely foreign to them. Was this intentional? What interested me was people from a tiny, inward-looking culture being exposed to so much that was so different in Muslim North Africa: climate, work, religion, social mores.

Where did that come from? Or, [fart noise].

Don’t Be Scared, but Yes, ‘American Horror Story’ Plot Lines Are Based on Real-Life Stories

You know? Lister had a vision of queer married life that has only recently become socially acceptable—a committed, loving relationship between two women sharing their resources and their time. The subplot is an indication of her brilliance and fortitude—but also a glimpse into how different her values were of many contemporary viewers. Her haughtiness, in fact, earned her a nickname—and the show, its title. But Anne?

The Boo Boo story with Sally and Deema

Did Lady Mary have a custom-made satin gown with a foot train whose embroidery was inspired by a Botticelli painting? Read More.