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Issue 213 | APRIL 2013

Death Slump when reduced to 0 hit points The trash hulk collapses into a pile of garbage. Until cleared, the space it occupied is difficult terrain, and any nongoblin creature that makes an attack while within that space takes a -2 penalty to the attack roll. Stable Footing The trash hulk ignores difficult terrain. Their jaws can open unnaturally wide, and their teeth have grown long and fanglike. They wait for the trash hulk to engage an enemy, then hack at that target with their cleavers and knives. The goblin cutters attempt to flank enemies, using the trash hulk for cover as much as possible.

The trash hulk attacks aggressively. It does not treat goblins as allies or enemies, but it does not attack them unless they are caught in take out the trash. Features oe the Area Illumination: Bright. Fire Pit: A fire blazes in a shallow depression in the cave floor.

A narrow crack in the ceiling allows smoke to escape. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the fire takes ld6 fire damage. Fleshy Wall: One of the tunnels that must have led to living areas has been sealed with a strangely pulsing, fleshlike greenish stone. A nasty greenish fluid spurts from it when it takes damage. If the charac- ters manage to break through this barrier, they find the living areas abandoned.

The wall absorbed the goblins. Supplies: Small heaps of bags, pots. Jars, and loose foodstuffs are scattered on the floor. These squares are difficult terrain. Work Table: This is a heavy table made of a slab of stone propped on wooden legs. If tipped over, the top slides off into an adjacent space; any creature in that space must make a DC 12 Acrobatics check. If the check fails, the creature takes ld6 damage. The stone slab can be propped up to form a barrier, pro- viding cover to creatures behind it or superior cover to prone creatures.

A creature can jump onto the table DC 7 Athlet- ics. Treasure: Rooting through the heaps of garbage and including the remains of the trash hulk uncov- ers a flask that turns out not to be empty. It contains a potion of healing. In addition, the goblin mess cooks are carrying a total of 35 gp and 90 sp. Nothing in the kitchen is fit to eat, but the cleavers can serve as han- daxes and the carving knives as daggers.

Glork, corrupt goblin chieftain G 2 corrupt goblin cutters C 2 corrupt goblin warriors W 1 goblin mass M 1 tainted pool hazard The goblin mass starts the encounter submerged in the pool. Do not place it on the map until it attacks or a character detects its presence. When the characters reach the cave entrance, read: This large cave is dimly lit by the lurid glow from a large pool at its center and glistening metallic blobs on the walls.

The oily-looking water shines an eerie purple. Several goblins stand about the pool, although they have an odd appearance and do not carry weapons. At the back of the chamber, a putrid-looking creature that might once have been a goblin shouts a curse and orders the others forward. A dripping blade protrudes from the end of one arm, and on the other is a fleshy disk. When Glork claimed this cavern, she moved her family into it along with a few trusted retainers. They are now all considered aberrant creatures.

Glork has become a bloated, deformed monstrosity, her armor and weapons absorbed into her flesh. The remaining goblins typically slept in a heap near the pool; during one sleep period, the entire group became melded into a shapeless mass. It still obeys Glork, however.

Perception Check DC The pools surface seems to swirl, as though something had been dropped in recently. DC Beneath the surface is a horrific mass of squirming flesh. Arcana Check DC A sickly sensation seems to pulse through this area. It is far stronger here than in previous chambers.

DC The source of the corruption seems to be the weird pool in the caves center. When the goblin mass attacks or emerges, read: From the pool lurches a horrific mass of flesh, seemingly made of dozens of goblins melded together. Fortitude; targets an enemy marked by Glork; ld8 -t- 6 damage, and the target is slowed and weakened save ends both. Will; 3d8 4 psychic damage. Spawn Corrupt Minion move, while within 5 squares of a goblin mass; recharge jj] Glork causes the goblin mass to spawn a corrupt goblin cutter.

The corrupt goblin cutter appears in an unoccupied square adjacent to the goblin mass and makes a melee or ranged basic attack as a free action. Characters do not earn experience for killing corrupt goblin cutters summoned in this way. Goblin Tactics immediate reaction, when missed by a melee attack; at-will Glork shifts 1 square. Each enemy that ends its turn in the aura takes 5 damage. AC; Ids 4 damage, and the target is grabbed. The goblin mass can have up to two creatures grabbed at the same time. If it has a creature absorbed at the start of its turn, the goblin mass gains 5 temporary hit points.

The goblin mass can move normally while creatures are engulfed within it. While absorbed, the target has line of sight and line of effect only to the goblin mass, and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to the target. The target can make only at-will attacks. When any target drops to 0 hp or below while absorbed, the goblin mass regains 45 hit points. An absorbed target can escape by succeeding on a DC 20 Athletics or Acrobatics check. If the goblin mass takes 16 or more damage from a single attack, all absorbed targets are expelled into unoccupied squares adjacent to the goblin mass; absorbed creatures are also expelled when the goblin mass drops to 0 hit points.

The goblin mass can instead absorb a goblin corpse by moving into its space. At the start of its next turn, the mass regains 10 hit points. Spawn Corrupt Goblin move; recharge [E] [O] A corrupt goblin warrior appears in an unoccupied square adjacent to the goblin mass and makes a melee or ranged basic attack as a free action.

The goblin mass loses 10 hit points. Reflex; 3d6 -i- 4 damage. The area of the burst is filled with dismembered goblin parts and is difficult terrain. AC; 4 necrotic damage 5 necrotic damage if the corrupt goblin cutter has combat advantage against the target.. Goblin Tactics immediate reaction, when missed by a melee attack; at-will The corrupt goblin cutter shifts 1 square.

AC; 1d6 3 necrotic damage.

Goblin Tactics immediate reaction, when missed by a melee attack; at-will The corrupt goblin warrior shifts 1 square. Hazard: When creatures come close to the pool, they are struck by a compulsion to enter its waters. The pool saps the strength of creatures in it. Perception No check is necessary to notice the pool. When triggered, the hazard makes an attack against the triggering creature.

It is no longer active after triggering but recharges slowly over time so that it can retrigger in a subsequent encounter. It moves to the nearest space within the pool as a free action. While under the compulsion, the target remains in the pool and can take no action other than moving to another pool square. Any creature that starts its turn in a pool square loses a healing surge; a creature that has no healing surges remaining instead loses hit points equal to its healing surge value.

If the creature saves, it can move half its speed as a free action. It lurks in the pool until a living creature gets close enough to attack, then grabs it and absorbs it into its pulsing mass. When threat- ened or in need of assistance, it spawns a corrupt goblin warrior. Doing so weakens it, so it resorts to this action only when sorely pressed, preferably after it has absorbed a creature.

Glork does not hesitate to pull corrupt minions from the mass whenever she can. She uses corrupt- ing strike to weaken enemies and reduce their ability to resist absorption by the goblin mass. When sur- rounded or when three or more enemies are within range, she lets loose with unearthly shriek.

The corrupt goblin cutters and warriors gang up on a single enemy and take advantage of gohlin tactics to achieve flanking positions, using the goblin mass to help flank when they can. This skill challenge can take place during or after the combat encounter. Completing it before the encounter is over should make the fight easier, since it removes some of the corrupted abilities from the creatures here.

The leak is focused on the pool in the middle of the cave. Glork does her best to interfere with these efforts, directing her attacks against arcane characters in particular. Level: 4 XP Complexity: 1 4 successes before 3 failures. Primary Skills: Arcana, Endurance, Nature, special Arcana DC 1 7; standard action : The character channels arcane power to strengthen the barriers between planes. Endurance DC 1 7; standard action : The character draws on his or her own life energy to patch the weak point.

On a failure, the character loses a healing surge. A character can use a madstone to negate the healing surge loss. Each character can gain only 1 success in this way. Nature DC 1 7; standard action : The character reinforces the surrounding reality to enclose and diminish the planar wound. Special: Channel Divinity no check; standard action : The character channels divine power to enforce order on this riven part of the world.

This requires a use of channel divinity and counts as an automatic success. Only 1 success can be gained in this way. Success with this check also reveals that Glork and the goblin mass will be unable to spawn new corrupt goblins if the wound is healed. Thievery DC 1 7; standard action : The character draws on knowledge of magical traps to suggest ways of dealing with the threat. Success: If the characters earn four successes, they are able to reduce the influence of the meteor- ite.

Glork and the goblin mass are no longer able to spawn corrupt goblins, nor can the goblin mass rein- corporate fallen goblins into itself Failure: If the characters accumulate 3 failures, they are no longer able to stabilize the chaos wound. Each character loses a healing surge as the rift pulls at their life essence.

The square containing her bedding is difficult terrain. Pool: This shallow body of water no more than 5 feet at the deepest also glows with a strange purple hue. The pool is difficult terrain for creatures tall enough to wade through it. Glork keeps her personal wealth in an oiled sack weighted down with stones in the center of the pool.

It cannot be wielded and is worth nothing other than its gruesome scholarly interest. Her personal treasury contains 75 gp and two imperfect greenish diamonds, each worth gp. The glowmetal might be the key to forming a per- manent seal of the pool, which continues to radiate energy that could corrupt any future inhabitants of these caves. Arcane scholars are likewise interested in acquiring samples. Collecting some nodules fetches gp from someone who recognizes its potential. However, glowmetal is dangerous to stay in contact with over a long time.

Conclusion If the characters manage to suppress the chaos leak, they temporarily prevent further corruption from affecting these caves. The weak point is not com- pletely repaired, though; only a special ritual can permanently seal it. The characters might be sent on additional missions to acquire materials necessary for this ritual. If they defeated the monsters but were unable to patch the wound, the problem will arise again as other natural creatures wander into the caves.

The wound might develop into a full-blown planar rift, bringing aberrant horrors from the Far Realm into the world. Until a sealing ritual can be performed, it will be necessary to seal off the caverns and stand guard to prevent other beings from entering— or leaving. About the Author Jennifer Clarke Wilkes has been editing just about every- thing at Wizards of the Coast since , and does a fair bit of writing too. When not editing, she is gaming and feeding her inner goblin.

Campbell illustration by Craig J. The dream is always the same. The woman walks, alone, through a darkened forest. No birds chirp. No insects buzz. No beasties skitter through the brush. She shivers, then coughs. Her coughs continue, each louder and more violent than the last until they become like physical blows to her body. A stream of smoke pours out of her mouth and swirls across the ground. In moments, it takes the form of a seven foot tall winged, horned, humanoid holding a flaming blade.

Beyond it stand more shadowy, indistinct forms. The creature looks into the womans eyes, into her soul, and speaks: ''She must not live. Briars tear at her clothes, and she tries to scream but cant. She stumbles and falls. As she rolls onto her back, the menacing figure steps over her and swings its sword down. When Redra was ten, her mother described the dream in detail. Kirstal explained to her daughter that she had heen plagued hy this nightmare every night for twenty years. Kirstal was certain that the nightmare was an omen, her own personal proph- ecy that shadowy assassins were searching for her.

Though she had never seen any waking evidence of this, she was certain this was the reason. When Redra was 10 and no longer needed con- stant attention from her mother, Kirstal gave in to the nightmare. For nearly three years, Redra cared for her mother, watching helplessly as the woman withered away from the fear and paranoia of her own unrealized prophecy. Redra fol- lowed, calling for her mother and trying to rouse her from her panic.

The pair raced through the forest near their home until Kirstal stumbled at the edge of a sinkhole and fell in. Redra arrived at the edge of the depression just in time to see a swarm of kruthiks tearing her mother to pieces, leaving only her bones behind. Ignoring Redra, the kruthiks burrowed back into the earth as quickly as they had appeared, leaving behind a tunnel that led deep beneath the ground.

She dreamt it again the next night and the night after that. Her plight led her to a wizard named Bartleby, whom she persuaded to tutor her. For seven years, Redra immersed herself in the study of magic in the hope of finding a way to rid herself of the cursed dream. During her studies, Redra became convinced that the dream-monster was neither a symbol nor a generic fear but a specific, real entity whose words threatened an actual person— someone who must be protected. She was struggling not only to save herself but to save another woman, too. Three weeks ago, Redra discovered a ritual that opens a portal to the plane of dreams.

This was the key she could use to end her nightmares forever She intended to call forth the monster from her nightmare and confront it so that she could destroy it and free herself from its influence once and for all. When the portal opened, a pack of kruthiks swarmed through. Instead of attacking, they scattered into the night, as if fleeing from something worse behind them. Then a terrifying beast of fire and smoke stepped from the realm of dreams. The creature attacked Redra immediately. The young wizard fought with all her skill but was no match for the nightmare assassin.

The monster believed Redra was dead when she fell, so it moved on to wreak havoc elsewhere. Redra, however, was not dead, although she was very nearly so. Now she lies unconscious in a pool of blood. The portal remains open, and other things are stirring there. The easiest hook for this adventure is for the player characters to be traveling or setting up camp in the waning light when they witness a bright flash of light followed by a thunderous boom from a mile or so away.

A pulsing blue light can be seen faintly in the distance, marking the location of the dream portal and beckoning the player characters to investigate. Alternatively, the player characters might be approached by Bartleby while in town. This happens in and around a deadfall in a narrow gully near the graveyard where Redra lies bleeding. In the second encounter, the player characters discover Redra in the graveyard. They can heal her, calm her down, and question her regarding what hap- pened, which will lead them to the final encounter.

The player characters encounter them in a gully while making their way toward the glow of the dream-portal. When characters are on their way toward the hlue glow, read the following: Youve come to the hanks of a gully lining a small riverbed. The gully varies from 30 to 40 feet wide. Its sides drop sharply to the gully floor 10 feet below, which is thickly overgrown with thorny brush.

If characters look for another way across, ask for Perception checks. The character with the highest roll spots a fallen tree spanning the gully about 50 yards to their left. Staging for this encounter is important. If the log bridge is offered too blatantly as the best or only way across the gully, players will immediately sense a trap. Describe the steep, thorn-filled gully as a significant obstacle between them and the strange disturbance. When characters find the log bridge, point out that crossing it without falling into the thorns will require an Acrobatics skill check, but the log is sturdy and thick.

Let players make their plan, decide who goes first, and describe any other special precautions. Then have the first character make an Acrobatics check to cross. The log is more than 1 foot wide, so the DC for this check is only The character falls if the roll is 7 or less DMG pg. While the characters are preparing to cross, the kruthiks are preparing to attack. Wait until the kruthiks actually attack before setting up the encoun- ter map. They strike when approximately half of the characters are on each bank and someone is halfway across the bridge.

If characters fail to spot the kruthiks, then the creatures gain surprise. If someone notices the kruthiks, read the following: You spot movement in the brush below the bank and hear sounds of clicking and chittering. Then a swarm of four - legged, vaguely reptilian creatures breaks from the gully. Their daggerlike legs slash the air as they lunge toward you. They always flank when possible and maneuver to make the most of their gnashing aura. On their first turn, the kruthiks boil up out of the brush, all onto the same side of the gully.

The hatch- lings swarm the characters, charging if possible. The young tend to move after the hatchlings in order to gain the best flanking positions. The adults begin combat with toxic spikes in order to slow promising targets someone on the log is a prime candidate and then enter melee. This fight can be an easy win for the characters if the kruthiks are mishandled. The kruthiks have two advantages, and you should make the most of them. If characters are surprised, they can be hemmed in. If the kruthiks launch their attack properly, they can trap half of the characters on one side of the gully and tear them up while only one or two kruthiks prevent the rest of the characters from crossing the log to help.

This should be a frightening experience for the characters who are trapped and ought to spur their friends to heroic rescue efforts. Start them near the opposite bank if they can cause more damage against that group. Gully Walls: The walls of the gully are 10 feet high and sloped at a degree angle on hoth sides. Climbing up or down the gully wall requires a DC 12 Athletics check. Failure results in the creature falling into the gully and landing prone.

The kruthiks have a climh speed, so they can move up or down the gully walls without impediment. Log Bridge: Creatures can move across the log bridge at half speed but must make a DC 12 Acrobat- ics check to keep their footing. On a roll of 7 or less, the character falls into the gully. Thick Underbrush: Some squares of the gully bed are choked with thorny brush, as indicated on the map.

The brambles are hindering terrain-a character can enter a bramble square without difficulty but must make an Athletics check DC 12 to leave one. If the check fails, the character is immobilized until the beginning of his next turn. If the check succeeds, the character is slowed until the beginning of his next turn. The kruthiks are not hindered, thanks to their tough hide.

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Her encounter with the spectral assassin has left her weak, confused, and a hit crazed. Keep things tense. Play this up in order to prompt the player characters to calm her and treat her wounds before questioning her. For example, if the characters approach Redra with weapons drawn, she becomes adversarial and tries to crawl away.

If the characters stow their weap- ons and approach her carefully, she will be more trusting. This encounter is not a skill challenge, but a few skill checks will make Redra easier to talk to. When the characters find Redra, read: The forest opens up to reveal a small graveyard.

Three- dozen grave markers of stone and wood dot the clearing. The scene is lit by the ghostly blue glow that you saw earlier. The light comes from a blue miasma of magical energy swirling above one of the wooden markers. A hazy, alien landscape can be dimly seen within the pulsing glow.

A young, human woman lies on the ground near the swirling light. She is covered in blood. As you approach, her head lolls toward you, and her eyes open wide. She cackles loudly and speaks with labored breath. Three successful skill checks can calm her down and allow the characters to question her. She will answer one question after each of the first two successful skill checks before lapsing back into incoherent babbling or traumatized bewilderment. After the third skill check, she becomes responsive but remains weak and somewhat confused.

The most likely uses for skills are listed below. Use these as a guide when players come up with creative ideas of their own. Arcana DC 15 if characters try to gain a clue directly from the swirling blue portal and use that information to calm her. Feel free to expand these items with infor- mation from the Adventure Background. If Redra is calm, she provides coherent information.

If she has not heen calmed down, Redra provides information in a crazed, disjointed manner. Examples of hoth are provided in each entry.

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Red eyes and red death! Red eyes and red hlade! Two thousand and five hundred nights! It attacked her and then headed toward her town. It must have thought she was dead. It was never only a dream. The nightmares drove her mad and ultimately led to her death. I saw. All mine. All mine! Death is not alone! It has friends. Not friends. They killed mother! If they handled the scene well, they could know much more than that. Expanding the Encounter If you wish to expand this encounter, you can have more nightmarish creatures emerge from the portal.

A particularly effective use of this would he to tailor it to the player characters. By this point in your campaign, you may already know what frightens the characters. Select monsters or frightening situations based on those answers. When to present these manifested fears is up to you. If pos- sible, try to do more than simply bringing in more monsters to fight. If they choose to sneak further toward the village, they can get closer but run the risk of the foulspawn man- glers attacking the hapless villager near the garden.

When the player characters approach the vil- lage, read: Before you lies a small village consisting of single-story wooden homes. Two fenced areas, one a garden, the other likely a corral, stand next to small, sparsely-decorated houses. What you imagine might he an otherwise idyllic hometown is now marred by blood-curdling screams of fear as several villagersflee the scene. Ahead, you see a pair of short, spindly, four- armed humanoids bearing daggers.

Perception Check DC A villager crouches on the far side of a garden fence. One of the four- armed monsters looks at the poor man and licks its lips. DC You hear a great bellow from the far side of one of the houses. It starts by using whirlwind charge against as many player char- acters as possible. Then it falls back on invisible killer whenever assassins fading gives it the opportunity. It flanks with the foulspawn manglers whenever possible. The foulspawn manglers make their fist attacks against the villager in front of them, who has AC 12 and 1 hit point.

When that NPC is dead or as soon as the player characters attack them regardless of whether they hit , the foulspawn attack the player characters. Features oe the Area Illumination: The area is dimly lit.

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Houses: The houses are simple wooden structures with gabled roofs. Climbing up or down the exterior wall of a house requires a DC 15 Athletics check. Though the roofs are sloped, the slopes are not steep; moving across the roofs does not cost extra or require skill checks. Garden and Corral Fences: The fences around the garden and corral are 3 feet tall and made of sturdy wood. Getting over a fence requires a DC 12 Acrobatics check with a running start or a DC 12 Athletics check no running start. Each fenced area contains an unlocked gate, as noted on the map.

Water Trough: The water trough in the corral is difficult terrain requiring one extra square of move- ment to enter. It is encircled by a 3 -foot stone wall and has no awning over it. A creature can step up onto the wall without any difficulty. Staying atop the wall while fighting requires balancing PH pg. A character falling into the well gets the standard saving roll to catch the edge, which leaves him prone but still atop the well. The well is 20 feet deep with 5 feet of water at the bottom.

Climbing back out requires a DC 15 Athletics check. The pulley at the top of the well will not support the weight of a character, if someone tries climbing the rope. Brush: Some squares are overgrown with brush, as indicated on the map. These squares are difficult ter- rain requiring one extra square of movement to enter. If the player characters do not escort Redra from the graveyard, she returns to the village a few hours later.

Once she rests and gets a hot meal, she is willing to discuss everything that happened at more length. Fill in any undisclosed information from the Adven- ture Background. The dream-portal closes two hours after Redra cast the ritual. AC; IdIO -t- 2 damage. Combat Advantage The foulspawn mangier deals an extra 2d6 damage against any target it has combat advantage against. The monster is referring to a daughter that Redra will hear.

The characters must help Redra find a way to expunge the memory of these dreams from her mind. Each night, she subconsciously plumbs that realm in the hope of finding someone or something that can transform her into a nightmare creature. Redra might even invade their dreams. This might happen immediately after this adventure or later, when the player characters are better- equipped to help her. This creature plagues Redra and others with nightmares in order to feed upon their nocturnal fear.

The inherited nature of the dream passing from Kirstal to Redra is simply a way for the creature to invoke even greater fear in its target. In time, this creature will gain enough strength to emerge from the plane of dreams and destroy Redra and many others. The player characters must travel to the plane of dreams and destroy the abomination in its home in order to free Redra from the curse. Hailing from northeastern Wisconsin go Packers! Through each of its iterations, the Deck of Many Things has remained a dangerous and chaotic artifact.

The Deck of Many Things is, hy itself, an object that holds within it the potential for either great ruin or great reward. Though the true origins of the Deck of Many Things have been lost to the ages, many histori- ans believe that the artifact was originally a gift from a powerful and ancient archfey to a long-forgotten emperor.

Some hold the Deck of Many Things responsible for shattering that ancient empire and giving rise to powerful warlords that vied for control of the remnants of that empire. The Deck of Many Things passes from hand to hand, bringing the low the mighty and elevating the meek and sometimes vice versa. It frequently appears when the world has grown too calm, or when someone has grown too powerfvd, sowing chaos wherever it lands. Implement Tome Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: -t-5d1 2 damage Property: Sorcerers with the Chaos Power class feature can use the Deck of Many Things as an implement for sorcerer powers and sorcerer paragon path powers.

Property: You cannot be dominated. Power Encounter : Free Action. You alter the fortunes of your enemies, forcing an enemy within 1 0 squares to reroll one attack roll, skill check, or saving throw it made, taking the result you choose. Power Daily : Minor Action. Roll a d Once before the end of the encounter, you can replace any d20 roll made by an ally or an enemy within 5 squares of you with your d20 roll.

Roleplaying the Deck of Many Things The Deck of Many Things is an agent of chaos that does its work subtly and by working through those who possess it. The Deck wants to use its owner as its agent, making temptation its greatest weapon. Whenever the owner is contemplating a risky action, it might try to tempt its owner by providing signs that it thinks that taking the risk would be a good idea— even if the chances of success are slim.

The Deck never communicates overtly, but occasion- ally the top card of the Deck might flip over on its own to reveal whether the Deck is pleased or displeased this does not trigger the Decks drawn card effect. Deck of Many Things possible outcomes of any given action, showing the way luck can affect the outcome. Property: Any time you roll a result of 1 on any die, reroll that die until you have a result other than 1. Power Daily : Standard Action.

You draw three cards from the Deck of Many Things, and then choose any one card you drew, resolving the effect of that card as determined be- low. Property: Any time you roll a result of 1 on any die except a d20 , reroll that die until you have a result other than 1. You draw two cards from the Deck of Many Things, and then choose any one card you drew, resolving the effect of that card as determined be- low. Using the Owlbear: Any character who thinks to observe the partys owlbear notices the owlbear doesnt appear to see the illusion.

It continues to eat the now invisible berries from bushes beside the original trail. If the characters try to take the owlbear onto the new trail away from the berries, the owlbear resists and the characters must use force or charm tactics to sway it see Dealing with Owlbears. If the characters allow or encourage the owlbear to seek out the berries, the owlbear leads them past the illusion to the true path without losing any significant time in the race.

When the characters enter the area, read: The morning fog still lingers on this stretch of the path, obscuring the surrounding woods in a ghostly white gloom. Ahead of you on the trail you can barely distinguish the silhouette of a mighty helmed figure standing in the middle of the path, leaning on an old, rusty axe.

You are fools to travel this way, a voice rumbles through the fog. Down this path lie the Gates of Death. The fog rolls back to reveal the bleached skull and ribs of a deer, half-buried in the embankment to the side of the trail. The voice says, Lay down your sacrifice to the Lord of Death, lest yon foggy trail lead you to his gate. This figure is no wizard but a madman named Khaz who wanders the hills and abandoned mines between Telvorn and Milvorn, obsessed with places of death.

He wears a knights battered great helm, which covers his. Where he found these items is anyones guess. Dirk and Delzar, the wizard brothers who created the Owlbear Run, are aware of his presence in the area and they take advantage of Khazs madness by using him as a challenge in the race. They have protected him with a special stoneskin spell that grants Khaz resist 10 to all damage for the duration of the racein case he runs afoul of one of the teams or their owlbears. Khaz was a miner in the days before the mines on this mountain dried up.

Losing his wife and children to disease quickly drove Khaz mad, inspiring his fevered mind to create the persona of Khazan the Terrible, a powerful necromancer with a booming voice who believes himself to be the herald of death use the appropriate Death figure for your setting and that he can bring his family back by commanding the spirits of the dead. Khaz used to live in the ruined cottage now occupied by the brigands encounter SC who forced him out. If the characters ask what kind of sacrifice he wants, Khaz tells them, That which was alive but lives no longer.

He accepts the remains of any creature as well as food or items that clearly originated from a once-living creature. Khaz rejects other offerings, saying, The Lord of Death does not know this soul. Speak of what it was that we may sing an elegy to its passing. The characters can try to justify any object they give Khaz, from a piece of cloth to a common stone found on the trail.

Characters who create interesting or elaborate explanations for their sacrifices should automatically succeed. Characters who cant think of anything can still try, and they succeed with a DC 10 Bluff check. If each of the characters appeases Khaz, he shows them a shortcut through the Gates of Death, which is in fact a dark, abandoned mine passage; if the characters take this shortcut, each other team takes a 2 penalty to advancement rolls this round.

If the characters refuse or fail, Khaz attacks them with his axe, shouting nonsense magic words and proclaiming himself the Lord of Death. Stoneskin F Encounter Effect: Khaz gains resist 10 to all damage until the end of the encounter. He deals 1d6 extra damage if the attack hits. An old cartwright offers a piece of advice. Use Map B cottage map. When the characters enter the area, read: A small cottage lies along the trail.

In front of the cottage, several wooden wagons used for carting coal down the mountainside stand in various states of repair. An old man in commoners clothes and a straw hat leans back in a chair and watches your procession as he smokes his pipe. Now Ive seen everything, he says, eyeing the owlbear. Beast of burden or draft animal?

I can harness either. The old man is a cartwright named Jarom. He is unaware of the Owlbear Run, since he seldom receives news from Telvorn or Milvorn. He assumes the characters are here to buy a cart for the owlbear to pull. If they are interested, Jarom shows them his carts for sale.

They cost 20 gp each. Harnessing the owlbear to the cart is another matter, since the characters must force or charm the owlbear to sit still and let them attach its harness to the cart. If the characters successfully force or charm the owlbear into the harness, they must then convince itwith a second force or charm attempt to pull the cart.

Each task requires a separate set of three checks, for a total of six checks to succeed. Success: The characters harness the owlbear to the cart and convince it to pull them. As long as the owlbear pulls the characters in this way, each other team takes a 1 penalty to advancement rolls for the rest of the race.

Failure: The characters cannot convince the owlbear to cooperate. Jarom gives them their money back, but the characters lose valuable time. When the characters enter the area, read: You are moving along the trail when, from the opposite direction, a cottage approaches. It looks like an ordinary cottageits timbers are of pine, its roof of slate shingle, its chimney of gray stones. It is altogether commonplace, in fact, except for the twenty or so odd horse legs that carry it down the trail in your direction. Might you be interested in a fine meal at a respectful residence? Dont be shycome on inside.

The cottage settles itself on the ground and the door swings open. From inside the door waft the aromas of spices, fresh-baked bread, and roasted meat. This enchanted cottage is a construct of the wizards Dirk and Delzar, created as a challenge for this contest. The cottage wanders the trails searching for teams and their owlbears to capture. When it finds a team, it opens its front door and invites them inside to a full meal, and then it holds them captive until they can escape. The cottage has all the statistics of the cottage detailed in Map B, except that its front door is a trap created to charm and capture the characters and their owlbear.

The horse legs disappear when the cottage sits down at the start of the encounter. Will Hit: On its turn, the target moves its speed toward the cottage and attempts to enter. When the target enters the cottage, it sits at the table and eats the feast upon the table save ends. Success: When the cottage door is closed, the entrancing hospitality effect cannot be cast. Its effects persist. Success: The door breaks, and the entrancing hospitality effect can no longer be cast. The primary goal of the cottage is to capture the teams owlbear.

After the owlbear is captured inside the cottage, the doors and shutters close and must be broken or picked normally. A captured owlbear will not leave the cottage on its own. Instead, it contentedly devours the meal before it, and the characters must use force or charm tactics to get it to leave. When the characters destroy the cottage door and regain their owlbear or abandon it to search of another , the encounter ends and the characters move to the next encounter location.

Use Map C ridge map. When the characters enter the area, read: The trail leads along the side of a ridge. Fallen timbers lie at the bottom of the decline, overgrown with moss and briars. Suddenly a spear cuts through the air and thumps into the trunk of the tree behind you. We want be famous owlbear-runner team! We take owlbear now! Ten orcs camouflaged by mud and leaves ready their spears, grunting challenges from the brush at the base of the slope. These orcs tried to enter the Owlbear Run but were unable to find a sponsor.

They have taken it upon themselves to steal an owlbear from one of the teams and win the race. In the first 2 rounds of combat, the orcs throw handaxes at the characters from below, using cover as much as possible. The orcs concentrate on one character at a time in an attempt to pick them off one by one; if an orc reduces a character to 0 hit points, the orc knocks the character out rather than landing a killing blow.

If there is a third round of combat, five new orcs enter the fray on top of the ridge. These orcs attempt to bull-rush the characters off the ridge. Since they know theyre not supposed to kill any contestants, the orcs simply try to push the characters down the decline. If at any point the orcs are alone with the owlbear at the top of the ridge, they capture it and hustle it away. The characters will then need to find a new owlbear with which to compete. If the orcs steal the owlbear, they join the race at a different encounter location, the same distance as the characters from the end of the race.

Use the. Medium natural humanoid XP 44 each HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. AC Hit: 8 damage, or 12 with a charge attack. AC Hit: 6 damage. Effect Free Action : The orc takes a standard action. When the characters enter the area, read: A pall settles over the mountain woods the farther you walk down this trail. Soon the bird songs cease and the forest falls silent. Among the trees, several pairs of eyes watch you from a distance on either side of the trail: A bugbear hunting party accompanied by a gigantic troll emerges.

The troll sniffs in the direction of the owlbear and smacks its lips. Owlbear stew? The troll and the bugbears attack from both sides of the trail. To gauge the owlbears reaction, refer to Owlbears in Combat in the Dealing with Owlbears section. If the owlbear is bloodied in this encounter, it might try to flee. Tell the characters that the owlbear is panicked and will attempt to escape if they cannot calm or restrain it.

If the bloodied owlbear starts its turn with no character adjacent to it, it flees. The characters can take standard actions to use force- or charm-related skills to stop the owlbear DC Every round the characters score a success, the owlbear does not flee. After three successes, the owlbear regains its composure and no further checks are necessary.

If the owlbear flees the map, it escapes into the woods, and the characters must search for it after the Troll. Regeneration The troll regains 5 hit points whenever it starts its turn and has at least 1 hit point. When the troll takes fire or acid damage, its regeneration does not function on its next turn. Troll Healing healing Whenever an attack that doesnt deal acid or fire damage reduces the troll to 0 hit points, the troll does not die and instead falls unconscious until the start of its next turn, when it returns to life with 15 hit points.

If an attack hits the troll and deals any acid or fire damage while the troll is unconscious, it does not return to life in this way. If the attack bloodies the target, the troll uses claw against it again. Owlbear Run battle. B1: Rough Crossing Owlbear Challenge A bridge over a stream becomes a roadblock when the owlbear refuses to cross.

When the characters enter the area, read: The trail crosses a small bridge that spans a steep embankment above a rapidly f lowing stream. As you approach the bridge, your owlbear halts and peers over the bank at the flowing water below. Then it settles back on its haunches and plants itself stubbornly on the ground.

The owlbear does not want to cross the stream, but it can be persuaded or browbeaten into crossing the. The characters can encourage the owlbear using force or charm tactics. Success: The characters gain the owlbears respect or trust. Failure: The owlbear refuses to cross the bridge, and the characters must lead it the long way around the stream.

When the characters enter the area, read: Ahead, a small wooden bridge crosses one of the many streams that winds its way down the mountainside. Before the bridge stands a transparent image of the wizard Delzar. When you approach, the illusion speaks. Should this riddle confound you, Ill be astounded. Guess it wrong, and your paths confounded. The characters earn the XP reward only if they answer the riddle correctly.

Correct Answer: The correct answer to the riddle is a pearl. If the characters answer correctly, they cross the bridge and advance to the next encounter location. Incorrect Answer: If the party answers incorrectly, the illusion of Delzar vanishes. When the characters cross the bridge, they experience a dizzying sensation and find themselves elsewhere. Place the characters at a different encounter location of the same distance to the finish line. Avoiding the Bridge: If the characters try to go around the bridge, they experience the same dizzying sensation as if they had answered the riddle incorrectly, but they are teleported off the trails.

Intelligence Check Option: If the players cant guess the riddle and insist that their characters would know, you can allow an Intelligence check against a DC you feel appropriate. If you do this, make sure the players put forth a strong effort before resorting to the die roll. A bother to its mother, Who would abandon it if she could, Her waif-like, worthless only child That grows up plump and fat lying abed, On the verge of a sea change. Such a pretty thing, the men say one day. They knife the mother, seize the daughter, Bind her to the others, continue their slaughter, Sell them at market in chains and strings To adorn the courts of queens and kings.

The illusion is a trick devised by the wizards to test the partys cleverness. A DC 22 Arcana check reveals strong teleportation magic in and around the bridge. Sponsor E ncounters The following encounters are created by the sponsors to help their teams gain an advantage. When the characters enter the area, read: Ahead on the trail, you spot a dozen heavily armed warriors flying the banners of Sir Tomire from their tents. Some sit around a small campfire while others hone weapons or don armor. A sentry hails you as you approach. Well met, he says. Welcome to the company of Sir Tomire.

This trail leads through a part of the mountain that Sir Tomire uses to train his forces. The sentry explains to the characters that the path ahead and the woods around it are full of hazards and traps. Normally the sentry would guide travelers around the area, but since Sir Tomire has a stake in the Owlbear Run, he can give no aid to a competing team. If the characters proceed through the area, they risk setting off a number of whirling blades traps hidden beneath the ground. There are five traps buried in various places on and around the trail.

You should choose the locations of these hidden contraptions and the location of the single control panel that the captain of the guards has access to. If they ask nicely Diplomacy DC 12 , the captain shows the characters the panel but says he cannot disable the traps for them, since doing this would aid Sir Tomires competitors.

He advises the characters to try a different path. Speed 4. Assuming they dont turn around, the characters can attempt to disarm the traps by using the control panel or pass through the area and risk setting off the traps. If the characters choose to risk the traps, have them roll initiative. On each characters turn, ask the player to move the character across the map. When a character or owlbear crosses a square with a hidden contraption, the whirling blades activate.

If the owlbear is damaged by a whirling blades trap, it attacks that contraption until the contraption is destroyed. If another trap damages the owlbear, it abandons the first trap and attacks the second until it is destroyed. The obstacle course extends throughout this part of the mountain, and the characters cannot avoid it if they proceed along their chosen route. If they try to go around the traps, select a different map and choose five squares for the hidden contraptions and a place for the control panel on that map.

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If the characters fight Sir Tomires men, use the statistics for 12 town guards Monster Vault, page If Sir Tomire has sponsored the characters and they show his badge to the captain of the company, the captain escorts the characters through the obstacle course so that they avoid it completely. When the characters enter the area, read: The trail passes a tumbledown cottage with a dilapidated roof and shutters that hang askew from the windows. A rusty pick and shovel jut from a small trash heap of old timbers, broken boards, moldy bed sheets, and other refuse.

As you near the cottage, the owlbear stops, paws the earth, and grunts. Perception DC There are several humans hiding in various places on both sides of the road. Some peek from the trees, camouflaged in the leaves. Someone moves about inside the cottage, peering through chinks in the wood. It is difficult to say how many are hiding, but you are certain they surround the party. These humans are brigands who secretly work for Lord Klavin. Their task is to kill any team that passes this way with an owlbear unless that team wears Lord Klavins badge.

Two brigands hide behind the cottage, one brigand with a crossbow hides inside the locked cottage, and three brigands hide in the trees beside or behind the characters. The brigands near the cottage attack with ranged weapons, and the brigands in the trees drop down to attack with melee weapons. The brigands have been expecting an owlbear team to pass along this route and have taken good care to hide themselves. If the characters fail to notice the brigands at the start of the encounter, the brigands attack in a surprise round. They fight until only two or fewer of their number remain, and then the survivors try to run.

The cottage doors are closed and locked see cottage map description , but the shutters are open. The archer inside the cottage fires from cover but can be. Owlbear Run attacked only through the window or the roof, or if a character finds a way through the door. The archer opens the door only for another brigand if hes certain that none of the characters or owlbear can follow that brigand through the door. If Lord Klavin has sponsored the characters and they wear his badge, the brigands do not attack. If the characters spot them, the brigands assure them that they are Lord Klavins people and are waiting to ambush one of the other teams.

Reflex Hit: The target is grabbed escape DC 22 until the end of the cutthroats next turn. Until the grab ends, the cutthroat has superior cover, and neither it nor the target can be pulled, pushed, or slid. The grab then ends. Effect Immediate Interrupt : The cutthroat uses dagger against the triggering enemy. If it can still see that enemy at the start of its next turn, its crossbow attack power targets the enemys Reflex, instead of AC, and deals 5 extra damage against it. These benefits last until the end of that turn.

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When the characters enter the area, read: You follow the trail deeper into the mountain wilderness, but the farther you travel, the more the forest reclaims the old path; weeds and briars and small trees overgrow the trail until the trail fades away completely, coming to a dead end at the bottom of a ridge. Fifteen or twenty feet above. The characters might attempt to climb the ridge, backtrack to the last branch of the trail, or search the ridge face.

Climbing the Ridge: The challenge in climbing the ridge lies in motivating the owlbear to undertake the climb. Any character can climb the ridge by succeeding on a DC 10 Athletics check. The characters can attempt to force or charm the owlbear into climbing the ridge. Success: The characters move to the next encounter location.

Failure: The characters must turn around or try something else. Searching the Ridge: The characters can take 5 minutes to search the ridge. Ask each searching character to make a DC 22 Perception check. Any character who succeeds discovers a dwarven rune etched into the rock behind some thick ivy. Pressing the rune causes the stone to slide away, revealing a secret passage into the mines that tunnel through the mountain.

If the characters take this shortcut through the mines, they advance to the next encounter and each other team takes a 2 penalty to advancement rolls this round. If Lady Fazgahrd has sponsored the characters and they carry the badge she gave them, the rune glows as they approach the ridge, and the characters discover it automatically. When the characters approach the inspection point, read: On the bridge ahead stands a small band of armed humans wearing the colors of Lord Burl.

A black-bearded man in chainmail and helm waves you forward. Just a routine inspection, he says. Please cross the bridge in single file, and keep your weapons sheathed unless we ask you to unbind them. The sheriff s people are patrolling the mountain paths searching for evidence of the dangerous black naga drug smuggled through this region. They are conducting a legitimate albeit time-consuming and thorough investigation and have legal grounds to hold up any group trying to cross the bridge. Talking through the Checkpoint: Its difficult to convince the sheriff s people to disobey a direct order from their boss, but if the characters offer a compelling argument or a lie, each character can attempt a DC 10 Bluff or Diplomacy check to convince the sheriff s people to let them pass.

The sheriff s crew will look to each of the characters to verify the story, so each character must succeed on this check or the sheriff s crew continues to conduct its inspection. Fight: The characters can fight the sheriff s people. If any of the sheriff s people are slain in the fight, however, the characters lose any treasure they would be rewarded at the end of the race see Conclusion: The Finish Line. If the characters win the. If the characters fight Lord Burls people, use the statistics for 6 town guards Monster Vault, page If Lord Burl has sponsored the characters and they openly display his badge, the sheriff s people let them pass to the next encounter location without conducting their investigation.

Each other team takes a 1 penalty to advancement rolls this round. O wlbear E ncounters In Owlbear Run, the characters experience one owlbear encounter associated with the owlbear they chose. Each owlbear entry includes a minor quest. This is the part of the adventure where the characters get to interact with their owlbear and help it resolve its quest.

This event can come in the middle or at the end of the adventure but seldom appears at the beginning unless you want it to see the Encounter Order sidebar at the beginning of the Encounter Types section. When the characters start this encounter, read: As you move along the trail, Terrible Tharizdun suddenly halts and raises his head. Just beyond the tree line, the bloody carcass of a stag lies sprawled on the forest f loor.

Tharizdun coos and pulls against his harness to get at the feast. If he is able, the hungry owlbear proceeds to the deer and begins to eat. The characters can prevent Terrible Tharizdun from stopping to eat the deer by using charm tactics at a 5 penalty, by baiting him with any part of the deer carcass, or by offering him all their rations automatic success. If Terrible Tharizdun reaches the stags carcass, he will feast. Though he is hungry, Terrible Tharizdun takes his time eating the stag. Nature DC The carcass is fresh, and the characters can see recent wolf prints in the soft ground.

The wolves that killed the stag were likely frightened by the characters approach. Once Terrible Tharizdun has finished, the owlbear wanders a few yards away and settles down to sleep; the characters can use force or charm tactics to prevent this. The characters might think of another solution to the problem.

Remember that Terrible Tharizdun is strong and stubborn, and forcing or convincing him to move should be difficult DC 22 and require more than one check. The root of the problem is the owlbears hunger, however, and solutions that promise to sate the owlbears appetite should automatically succeed in other words, if he eats a character. Minor Quest Reward: If the characters get Terrible Tharizdun to continue the race without stopping to eat the stag or falling asleep, they earn the Motivate Terrible Tharizdun quest reward.

When the characters start this encounter, read: A small thatched cottage stands at a bend in the trail. The chopped wood stacked alongside the cottage and the smoke streaming from the chimney indicate that it is occupied. Through the open shutters come the voices of human children at play. Kitten coos, then growls, then coos again, pulling with all her strength toward the cottage. The cottage is occupied by a human woman named Lora and her three small children. The children play with wooden toys on the floor while the woman prepares a chicken at the table.

The owlbear senses it is time to lay her eggs. She wants to lay them in this cottage, where they will be hidden from forest predators, but first she must drive the humans from their lair. Use the statistics for the human rabble minion in the Competing Teams section for the woman Lora, if necessary.

Her children have the same AC and hit points as the rabble, but their attacks deal only 1 point of damage. Restraining Kitten: The characters can use force or charm tactics to restrain the owlbear. Success: The characters restrain the owlbear. Kitten moans and growls and lies down on the ground, refusing to move. Failure: Kitten bursts into the house and attacks the woman and children. If the characters failed a force tactic by 5 or more, the owlbear might attack the characters instead.

Once the woman and her. The Eggs: Regardless of whether Kitten breaks into the cottage, she lays her eggs here, sits on her makeshift nest, and refuses to budge. Alternatively, the characters can use charm tactics to convince the owlbear to let them approach and handle her eggs. Success: The characters force Kitten to move from her nest or charm the owlbear into allowing them to handle her eggs. Kitten will not leave the eggs behind she will fight to the death before leaving them , but if the characters take the eggs along, Kitten follows.

Failure: Kitten takes extra time to make a nest from the materials she can findthatch from the roof, wattle from the walls, rushes from the floor. She does not stir until she becomes hungry, and then she leaves the cottage to hunt. Minor Quest Reward: If the characters prevent Kitten from slaying the cottage occupants and they take her eggs along in the race, they earn the Save the Children quest reward. When the party starts this encounter, read: As you race through the woods, shaggy gray shapes keep pace with your party; a pack of hungry dire wolves has caught the scent of your owlbear.

As your trail rounds the top of a ridge, the wolves spring their trap, cornering you against the edge of the steep decline. Terrified, the owlbear shrieks and struggles against his harness. Pack Harrier The wolf has combat advantage against any enemy that is adjacent to two or more of the wolfs allies.

Pack Hunter mount The wolfs rider has combat advantage against any enemy that is adjacent to one of the riders allies other than the wolf. The target falls prone if the wolf has combat advantage against it. The dire wolves attack the owlbear; they attack only characters who stand in their way, attack, or hinder them. Manslayer cowers as the wolves attack, but it should be clear to the players that an owlbear could easily kill a dire wolf if it fought back. The characters can use force or charm tactics to motivate Manslayer to fight back.

First Success: Manslayer stops cowering and stands up, though he remains intimidated by the wolves. Second Success: Manslayer assumes a threatening appearance, screeching and growling at the wolves. Third Success: Manslayer fights back against the wolves. Failure: If the characters fail, Manslayer leaps from the ridge in an attempt to escape and takes 2d10 falling damage.

He then flees the map at the first opportunity. Owlbear Run If Manslayer survives the encounter, he finds his courage. For the remainder of the race, he defends himself from attackers. He can also be convinced to fight the characters enemies see Owlbears in Combat. When the characters start this encounter, read: As you near a bridge that spans a small stream, Lucky Ladys tufted ears prick up and the owlbear rises on its haunches, owl eyes wide, focused on something beyond the bridge. Then you see it: a huge male owlbear on the edge of the forest, crashing through the bracken.

When he spots your owlbear, it rises up on its haunches and screeches. Lucky Lady mirrors the males movementshe rises up and screeches back. This male owlbear is Lucky Ladys mate. When Lucky Lady and the male owlbear spot one another, Lucky Lady strains against her harness. The characters can try to restrain her using force or charm tactics, attempt to communicate or empathize with the male owlbear, scare him away, or watch and wait.

Feel free to improvise other solutions the characters devise. An Arcana, Nature, or Perception check DC 15 reveals that the male owlbear is alternately calling to his mate and issuing a challenge to the characters, whom it perceives to be a threat to his mate. The characters can prove they are not a threat in one of the following ways. The male owlbear crosses the bridge. If the characters allow him to do so, the male owlbear approaches Lucky Lady, stops in front of her, and sniffs. The male assesses the characters to see if they still pose a threat. F Scare Away DC 15 group Intimidate check in which at least half the characters succeed : The characters can spook the male owlbear by growling, beating their weapons, discharging spells, and so forth.

If the characters fail, the male owlbear attacks. Success: If the characters successfully convince the male owlbear that they are not a threat to his mate, the male owlbear calms. It nuzzles Lucky Lady and grunts at the characters before returning to the forest. If any check fails by 5 or more, the male owlbear attacks. Failure: If the characters fail to convince the male owlbear that they does not pose a threat to his mate, the male owlbear attacks but Lucky Lady does not attack unless the characters have treated her cruelly.

Minor Quest Reward: If the characters successfully convince the male owlbear they do not pose a threat to his mate and they allow the owlbears a moment together, they earn the Reunite Lucky Lady with Her Mate quest reward. Conclusion: T he Finish Line At the end of the race, the spoils go to the victor. If the characters win the race, read: You have brought your owlbear through many trials, and now the town of Milvorn sprawls before you beneath the eastern slopes of the mountain.

You pick up speed in your descent, barreling down the mountain like a mob of drunken gods. And gods you are, at least in Milvorn. The crowd cheers as you reach the town gate. Your triumphant owlbear echoes the cry, screeching victoriously over the applause as gold coins fall at your feet like enormous glittering raindrops. If the characters lose the race, read: Despite your best efforts, due to an uncooperative owlbear, the wizards tricks, and the sponsors schemes, your crafty opponents have carried the day.

You arrive in Milvorn to discover another team standing at the gates with its owlbear, basking in the adoration of the crowd. As you consider what to do next, a messenger arrives with a summons from the duke and a proposition for lucrative employment. It seems that your greatness has not gone unnoticed after all.

If the characters finish the race first, they gain the quest reward, Win the Owlbear Run. If the characters paid 5, gp to participate in the race, they gain it back. The winner of the race gains 2, gp for each other team that participated in the race 7, gp total if all three NPC teams participated. If the characters finish the race second, they gain back their entire entry fee. If they finish third, they gain back half their entry fee. If the characters had a sponsor who fronted their entry fee, they gain nothing. The vill age smi t hy claims his father was t he bl acksmit h of t he Kin g of Kor algesh.

True Should be known to the party. The Shr ine is 45 mi les from Vinyard; the forced march r ul es in t he Expert ru le book pages 20 21 may prove usefu l. Remember that a week remain s before the summer solstice occurs. No wilderness encounters are met on the way to t he Sh rine , other t ha n the following at the DM's di scret ion. Roll Encounter Furti ve movemen ts along t he horizon that appear to be fol- lowing t he pa rty 3 Partially devoured remains of sheep wolf t racks nearby 4 Glint of sunlig ht off metal in t he distance 5 Skel etal remains of three men, shepherd's staffs nearby as well as wolf t racks 6 Kobold encou nt er in t he Valley of t he Shrine seve n kobolds: AC 7; HD ; hp 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1; MV 90' 30' ; 1AT 1; Dmg by weapon type short swor ds and shor t bows - 1; Sav e normal ma n; ML 6; AL C; cp eac h As you re ach t he eastern side or t he vall ey, you see a lush, green expanse of tall grasses and flowering shrubs.

The white granite of t he Shrine stands out sha rply from the dark rock of Helm's Peak on t he far west- ern side of the vall ey. The r agged peaks of the Mountai ns of Gesh ri se into t he sky to your left. As you nea r the Sh rine, you notice its immense pill ars with their encircli ng vines of bri gh t flowers. Within t he Shri ne is a great stat ue of the Sun King; Kor. His arms are rai sed above hi s he ad, a nd he holds an immense amber ge m in hi s hands. The Shrine is open to t he eleme nts but has weathered t hem well.

The amber gem cannot be damaged 01" removed from t he st at ue. Anyone touc h- ing it rece ives an elect ri cal sh ock for 13 hp da mage. The morni ng sun can be seen r ising in the not ch of a dista nt mountain ; its rays crawl a cross t he valley floor and eventually ill umi- nate the interi or orthe Shri ne. As you watch, the sun's ray st rikes t he gem in the hands of K OT, which glows brilliantly. A new la nce of bri ght light is emi tted from t he jewel to str ike the second pillar from the north. Both t he wall to the west and the wall t o t he south have a secr et door, detect - able on a roll of I on Id6 12 for elves and dwarves.

If t he party is ine xper i- You wa lk west alo ng the corridor, stepping wa r ily around rubble t hat has a ppare ntly fallen from t he ceil- ing. You a re occas ionall y sta rt led by ra ts as t hey scurry from the l ight into hol es in the walls. The t unnel seems to go on endlessly, but your light fi nally reveals a blank wall before you.

This assort- me nt of monsters found wi thi n t he Keep's upper level is descr ibed below. Roll Id6 every other turn. A result of 1 indicates a wand er ing monster en- counter on the next turn. Lava fissu r es : These narrow fissures are about 30' deep. Slow movin g cur- re nts of la va flow t hrough them, casting a fai nt red glow t hroughout t he ar ea imme diately around the fissure. They CRn be crossed by bridging them with wooden planks or some simi lar device, or by jumping across t hem.

Any PCs attempti ng t o leap across must roll their dext erity or less to succee d. Fail - ure means a 30' drop int o the lava and their deaths. Nort h The ladder descends 20' to a corri dor hewn from t he rock; t he corri dor disapp ears into t he da rk towards t he west. An iron lever is embedded in t he rock at t he foot of t he ladder. Cobwebs a re abundant a nd the air sme lls sta le and earthy. The lever controls t he secret door in t he pillar above. More footpri nts may be foun d about the base of t he ladder - pri nts of all size and shapes. Ceiling height on t his level is varia- ble.

The wall s are rough a nd dry, unless ot her wise stated. This level appear s to have bee n crudely carved , though by whom is a myst ery. If anyone takes t he ti me to inspect the floor of t he Shr ine, a n occasional foot. Nothi ng can be t old of what manner of cr eature made t he prints, however. The prints a re act ually t hose of orcs and ot her cre atures comi ng a nd going from t he depths of t he Shrine over t he last few years.

South ,I i. If presse d, a door in t he pillar rot ates open, re vealing an iron rung ladder t hat disa ppears into the depths.

Rebirth (The Eternal Dungeon, Volume 1) by Dusk Peterson

If t he PCs fail t o locate t he t rig- ger mechanism for the secret door wit hin t hree minutes, they can inspect the pi lla r and locate t he door on a roll of Ion Id6, elves a nd dwa rve s on on Id6. Torches or lanterns are req uired for the und er gr ound journey. South 48Issue No. Each door is operated by a lever concealed behind a loose stone in the wa ll next to each door. The levers move hori zonta lly: left to open, right t o close. The shield has a pale-blue upper hal f with a sun r ising from the dark blue sea of it s lower half.

A pack cont ai ns 20 gp and one healing potion. The wes t door opens int o t he lowest level of the Keep. Wine Ce ll a r Thi s room smells fai ntly sulfurous, and it contains eight immense wooden barrel s. The wall s, floor. Four bodies lie on the floor in the southwest corner of th e room. Thr ee a re t he remains of orcs, whil e one is huma n. Their weapons are pit t ed and useless , and the human still gr asps t he broken hilt of a sword. Combined t rea sure on the bodies totals 57 cp, 9 s p. The spi der en- tered one day when the secret door in t he Sh ri ne wa s left open, and has fed itself on local monsters ever since.

A secret door is concealed in t he northwest cor ner of t he room. It opens into a 10' cubicle with a cent ral , ra ised pede stal. In it a re four recessed cha m- bel'S wit h four sma ll balls of colored cryst a l. By placing a colored sphere in the cup at the center of the pedestal, the room fun ctions as an elevator. It takes one round minut e to travel one floor. Mud Pool, This chamber's 0 ' has a th ick coat of slick mud, sloping down t o a sl imy pool at the center of t he room. A thin film of water covers the mud pool. Th ose ve nt uri ng within 5' of t he pool must roll t hei r dexterity or less, or lose their footing and slide into the pool.

If this occurs, a ll wandering monster roll s increase to on a Id6, untiol the smell y mud is cleaned off. Th e mud has t he advantage of drawing venom, if applied soon after t he i nju ry allows for second save vs. Ore's r oom. This room is filthy a nd unkept.

  1. Vampires: From Dracula to Twilight - The Complete Guide to Vampire Mythology!
  2. Spanked For Teacher!
  3. Paul and the Prison Epistles (The Smart Guide to the Bible Series).
  4. The Firehouse Diaries: Entry Three: Born of Fireworks!
  5. Medecine et nazisme (Allemagne dhier et daujourdhui) (French Edition).
  6. Dirty bl ankets a nd foul smelli ng clot hi ng are piled t oward th e nort h wall. In the room are six ugl y, humanlike creatures wh o scra mble for t heir weapons as they become a ware of the party. Hiding: un der t he pile of bla nket s is Teutung, a l-hp ore. He has a split personality and const ant ly argues with himse lf. One personali t y is a br aggart and bu lly, whil e t he other is a wh ining coward. He is fam il iar wit h t he lower level a nd ca n be of use to the party.

    He knows of the venom dr a He is sly and treacher- OUS, and the part y that heeds all of his advice had best be wa ry i ndeed. He will lead t he m into t raps or encounters in his effort s to escape them and run away at the firs t opportunity to do so sufcly. Th e room is a jumble of overturned boxes a nd barrels. Th e barrels t hat are sti ll in t act cont a in oil. A small a lcove i n t he sout hwest corner of the cham- bel' contains a number of badly dete- r iorat ed sheet s of leather. Bitten characters must save vs.

    They ca n move only at half-speed and ca nnot perform any other physical act ion. Ocean Pool. The corr idor opens out onto a broad expanse of cl ea n sand tha t s lopes gent ly down to lapping water. The pool occup ies much of' the chamber, an d a st rongly built wooden box rest s in the shallow water near the shore. Bl urred foot prints lead int o t he wat er. A tri p wire is conceal ed in the sand that drops a weight ed 10'-square net on any character that triggers it. Each lizard man has a belt pouch cont ai ning 2 20 gpo 6.

    La va Pit. The room has a charred smell to it. Along th e walls are a number of empty shel ves whose lower portions are scorched and blackened. A shut cabinet hangs on t he sout hwest wa ll. A charred rept ili a n ske leton, of which the bones are missing down from its knees, lies on t he floor. The crusty black floor is actually a ha rdened sheet ofl ava over a molten pool. Each PC has a 1 on Id6 chance of breaking through t he cr us t if t hey ven- t ure out onto the floor a lone.

    The chances of breaking t hrou gh t he la va crust increase t o 13 on Id6 if more t ha n one PC crosses the floor at a time. If t his occurs, the PC invol ved suffer hp damage per round. A full two t urns is needed to clean the ha rdened lava from a rmor, et c. The ca binet contains two vi a ls of healing pot ion. Rat La ir. The room sme lls musty a nd a lar ge pile of refuse lies in the sou t hwest corner. They won't attack th e party unless their la ir is disturbed. They fear a nd avoid fire if possible. If they do attack, t hey do so in three packs of si x rats each.

    PCs bitten have a l i n20 chance of being infect ed, save vs. If the saving t hrow fail s, t he vict im may die in days l in 4 chance , ot herwise becom- ing sick for one month an d unable to adventure. Th e chamber is empty, except for the skelet a l remains of a human in rusted armor. The body has evidentl y been ra nsacked, and the third finger of its r ight hand is missing. Pool of Seeing. The heavy wooden door is padl ocked, as well as being locked, a nd a large. The room is large and spacious. The odor of unwashed clot hi ng a nd bodi es is st rongly evi dent. There a re 10 sleeping pallets along the north wall , a nd near the east wall is a charcoal brazier a nd its cooking implemen ts.

    Bags of assor ted material s scavenged from the dungeon are cast ca re lessly a bout. Once the door is opened, a small chamber is revealed. In t he center of the room is an or nate marble pool. Its wa- ters are clear and sweet smelling. As the party looks into t he pool, its s urface becomes cloudy and an image forms on it s surface.

    The pool shows one of the 10 listed rooms below and changes its image to a not her if t he wat ers are di s- t urbed. Th is ca n be done for a total of three times per day. The OM determine s the room by choice or by r olling I dl 0. As the pes t ravel down t he corri dor leading to thi s room, they notice water seeping slowly from th e wall s, As t he corridor's slope increases a t t he poi nt marked T, each PC must roll his dexter- ity or less to avoid sli pping and falli ng. Any PC who doesn 't make hi s roll sl ides t he rest of t he way down the slope into the pool.

    Dexter ity checks a re mad e every 10' unti l the part y is safely in t he room, The slide t rap causes no damage, but cau ses t he first person that fall s to pl ummet into t he pool wit h a resound - ing splash. When this occurs, a portion of the west wall coll apses into t he water, sounding very much l ike a la rge body of some kind. Torches carried by t he par ty members that slide into the pool are ext inguishe d. A number ofl a rge blind fish swim in t he pool, and eac h PC has a 13 cha nce on a Id6 of having t he m bump or slide past hi s legs per round t ha t he is in t he pool.

    PCs must check for dexterity as they leave this room 3S well. The r ubble at the center of the pool conceals a r up- t ured wcoden ches t containing gp of mixed coi ns and gems. Under t he body is a bone scroll case wit h a scroll bear ing one first- level magic-user spe ll , ueturi loquiem: Level Two Roll Id6 eve ry ot her turn; a result of 1 indicates a wa nder ing monster en- counter on t he next t urn. A result of2 or 3 ha s a specia l effect that takes place when t he next door is opened by the part y. Roll 1d6 and compare t he result s wit h th e foll owing tabl e.

    A small island of ru bble whi ch fell from t he ceiling occupies the center of t he pool. A skeletal arm can be seen protruding from the r ubble. Rusted r emai ns of iron cages are scat tered a bout. Some are occupied by skeleto ns of great cats and apes, whil e ot he rs have had t heir doors wrenched off and are empty. Shrieker Room. Besti a r y. The room has a musty smell, and t he floor is covered wit h fungi a nd mush- rooms. Five large mushrooms are scattered around the room. Bat Chamber. Suspended in t he corr idor between room 12 and t he Keep proper is an almost-i n vis ible mi st net used by the orcs to trap bats for food.

    The cha mber itself is swa rming with them. At least 10 bats are required. Those PCs so at tacked suffer a -2 pen- alty to t hei r "to hit" roll s a nd sa ving throws, a nd cannot cast spells. Normal bats must check morale each round unl ess summoned or cont rolled.

    Ys I & II / Seven Set – FAQ/Walkthrough

    The mi st net is woven of ext remely strong fibers that are so thin eve n bat rada r cannot detect them. The net is 5' square and ha s no encumbrance. It is not truly magical. Th e corridor across the fissure ha s sever al bats appare ntly sus pended in midai r. Their t hrashing and chit ter- ing fails to free them from their predicament. The five large mu shrooms are shr-iek- ers AC 7; HD 3; hp 17, 14, 12, Shri ekers react to light within 60' and movement wit hin 30' by emitting a piercing shriek which lasts from 13 rounds.

    DM rolls I d6; any result of 46 ind icates a wan- der ing monster investig ates t he noise and arrives in rounds. Roll Room 6 Lvi 3. Rm 44 9 Lv Rm45 10 Lv1 3. Rm 15 Ore Lair. One of t he eight bags contains gp, and sp, while another contains di rty clothing and a small sack with six fine gems totalli ng gp value inside. The rest contain moldy food, assorted n-i n- kets, a nd junk of no va lue. The troga lair in area 3, t his floor. The ghouls lair in room 5.

    A result of " 2" on a wandering mono ster roll ca uses a chilling wind to rush out through the ne xt door that is opened. It blows out all torches carri ed, but i t has no ot he r harmful effects. A result of "3" on a wa nderi ng monster roll causes a hot wind t o rush out through t he ne xt door t hat is opened.

    It ca uses all iron based met a ls to glow with an a mber light, t oo weak to use for light. It has no har mful effects and si mply ser ves t o make t he party more visi ble. It also blows out all t orch es carried. The glow lasts 3 t urns or until canceled by t he chill i ng wi nd. Ceilings a re perfectl y flat, ofte n covered wi th pa t - terned geometric designs.

    All of t he archi tecture dates from the age of Koral gesh. Two rows of six cel ls bord er a 10'- wide corridor t hat t ravels the lengt h of t he room. Several cells ha ve their door s ripped from t heir hinges. Each of t he ot her cells is occupied by two skeletal figu res, chained to the wall. An open archway on t he nort h wall is barely vis ible in t he darkness. One roun d afte r t he PCs enter t he room, ghostly apparitions r ise from th e skeletons in t he cell s, float to t he hal' S, a nd grasp t hem with thei r hands.

    They t hen be gin to wa il, "Free me! Their noise has a 50'if, chance of drawing t he attent ion of tbe esc aped skeletons t hose listed as wan- dering monst er s , which arrive 16 rounds later. Th e back room is a torture chamber with a rack, iron mai den, fire pit , brandi ng iro ns, and a chopping block sca tt ered a round t he chamber. Tra i ning Room. The room is clear of all furnishin gs except for a number of rack s on the south wa ll.

    These racks hold a number of wooden or bl unt wea p- ons and five shields. The sh ields a ll have a sun ri sing from a deep, blue sea on a pale bl ue fiel d. A large number of r an sacked bunks occupy t bi s room. Bla nkets a nd mat- t resses a re st rewn around t he floor, and a large fir eplace occupies t he center of the west wa ll. This room is the lair of two t rcgto- dytes. If t hey have not been encoun- tered as wa nde r ing monsters. If previously encountered and not sla in, they a re defi nitely in the barracks. Concea led in a leather ba g un der a bed in the sout h- east corn er of t he room is their hoard: sp, a magic-user 's scrol l wit h t he followi ng spells: flrst-level charm and second-level inuisi bility; a nd a medallion o ESP.

    Bar r acks. A large number of ransacked bunks lind ragged bedding are sca t t ered around t he room. A fir eplace occu- pies the center of the west wall. Four 20'-long tables can be seen in this room, and one of t hem has been turned over on it s side in the northeast corner.

    Broken chairs litter the floor amid wooden plates and eating utensils. An open corr idor leads west , and doors are located on the north and east wall s. An open doubl e door in t he sou th wall leads to what appears to be another room. Kit chen. The room has two counters on the sout h wal l and II long tabl e in the middle of the floor. The table has been turned on its side. Two ovens lie along t he east wall , and II fire pit has been bui lt aga inst the west wall.

    This room is the lair of two ghouls. The DM must make t he appropriate di e rolls for sur pr ise. If they ha ve already been encountered, but not slain, t hey are defi nitely in t heir la ir. In a small leather bag concealed in the ashes of the fire pit are four gems: one gp turquoise and three gp pearl s. Crates, barrels, and assorted un iden- t ifiable objects fiU t his room - all of which are covered with a ye llow, cottonlike material. Doors are lo- ca ted on the nort h and south walls.

    It ca n be kill ed by fire. It sq uirts out a 10' x 10' x 10' cloud of spore s if disturbed. Anyone caught in t he cloud takes 16 hp damage and must save VB. A low altar lies near t he south wal l. Upon it st ands a 4' stat ue of the Immortal Kor holding a silver chal- ice in it s cupped palms. A large. The chalice is finely crafted silver with embossed suns on four sides. It is fill ed with clear, sweet water. If t he cup is lifted from it s palms, t he stat ue speaks: "May t he blessings of Kor be upon you!

    The cup must be refilled from the br ass bowl and pl aced back in t he hands of the statue for its cur ative effects to wor k again. The bowl neve r empti es, but t he waters may cure each character only once per day. Ifthe chali ce is removed from the chapel, it curses the person who took it. Wounds then take twice as long to heal, a nd healing spells or po- ti ons only restore hal ftheir normal a mounts. The chalice is wor t h gpo 9. A long, glass cabinet lies against t he west wall of this room, while t hree suits of plate mail st and with t heir hands resti ng on top of t heir grounded shiel ds along t he northeast wall.

    Two i mme nse stat ues of crabs cut from coral stand in t he northwest and sout heast corners. The wall s are adorned wit h paintings of sea bat- tl es. The glass cabinet contains scri mshaw artwork in ivory, whal es teeth, and mot her of pearl total val ue: 1, b'P. Corridors enter from all four walls. Armory a nd Smithy. Racks of weapon s li ne the walls of this room. In t he northeast corner are a for ge and bellows , a large chest , a nd an a nvil on a heavy oak pedestal. A door can be seen on t he north and east walls.

    Two bat tl e a xes, three maces, a nd five swords a ppear to be in excellent condit ion. The anvil on the oaken pedestal shows signs of con- siderab le use and is curi ous ly otTcenter on the pedest al. If the a nvil or chest is touched, t he listed weapons spring from t he wall a nd attack t he party AC 3: HD I : Dmg by weapon t ype. If hit once, the weapon drops to the floor. Once all t he weapons are nul - lified , or t he party dr opped to zer o hit points a nd unconscious, all damage is di scovered to be illu sionary. Whil e t he party lies unconsci ous, all of the weap- ons return to their rac ks or rea nima te five rounds after th ey have all been nulli fied.

    Thuching t he chest or a nvil agai n r epea ts t he process. After t he first t ime it occurs , t he weapons actually cause 14 hp damage regardless of weapon type. The condition of this room is a ppall ing: furniture ha s bee n spli ntered and brok en, cabine ts smashed. Fou r cots a re intact, a nd upon t hem lie t he wit hered remai ns of four men.

    A door is vis ible on t he opposite wall. Ca ptain's Quarters. Four beds occupy t he corners of t his room. A wooden chest lies at the foot of each bed. In the center ofthe room is a battered table wit h a barrel on end beside it. Thi s room is t he la ir of an ogre. If it ha s been encountered but not slai n, it seeks refuge in its la ir. It habit uall y uses the bed in t he sou t hwest corner of the room and this can be easily noticed due t o the rumpled state of t he bedding and sl umped ma ttr ess. The movemen ts in the fountains are large. They are har mless.

    The fountains are fill ed with sli my, green water, and their surfaces a re occasionally di sturbed by movement below. Huge statues of kn ights in armor flank a central st at ue of Kor the Immortal. Stringy, unhealthy-looking vegeta- tion has spr ung up bet ween the fla g- stones ofthe floor, th ough t hey a re absent wherever a slime t rail has coated t he surface. Lair in barracks, room 2. Range of pa ralyzing sti ng is 10' ; success ful saving throw vs. A large stone sarcophagus occupies the center of t he room.

    Cobwebs hang heavily from the ceil ing, even to t he point of coveri ng t he bodies on the slabs. Thi s room has been ransacked, and t he only things of possible value are some scattered torche s a nd a small barrel of oil. A secret door is conceal ed in the northwest corner of the room for acces s to t he elevator.

    Its trigger meche. This also ser ves to summon the elevator. The sarcophagus contai ns t he body of a man in clerical robes and a st aff ofhealing l ies on his breast beneath hi s hands.

    _Basic D&D Adventures From Dungeon and Dragon Magazines

    This level, too, dates from t he ti me of Koralgesh. Roll Id6 every other t urn. If a " I" is rolled, a wa ndering monster is encoun- tered on t he following turn. The kind of monst er encountered is determined by die roll of t he DM's choice. If a "I" or " 2" is roll ed on the above die-roll check, a ghostly phantom is seen, glowing faintly. When it notices the party, it glides to a wall, floor, or ceil ing a nd passes beyond it. They cau se no damage or ill effects, being not hing more t ha n the rest less dead ofKoralgesh.

    Storer oom. Scattered crates and barrels litter the floor, and rats sca mper across t he litter. M08t of t he cr ates have been broken open. Bolts of decaying cloth are heaped near the west wal l. Sleep and I shall come for you! It mi ght increase player anxiety, however. The chest is locked and contains sp and gp in loose coins.

    Both doors to t his room are locke-d. Each bag contai ns 1, cp. Be neat h the hea vy bags is a secret compartment that ca n be detected by a thief, an elf, or a dwarf, if t he party sea rches for it. The compartment can only be raised by moving a lever concealed behind a stone i n the wal l to t he r ight of t he nort h door.

    If t he lever is moved to the left, the secret compartment rises rom t he floor to reveal a st rongly made chest with brass ba nds reinforcing it. The lever is trapped; if it is moved to t he right, sleep gas floods t he ch amber. All persons i n the room must save vs. A voice is heard only by those people who fai led Va u lt. The floor of the room is bare, except for six leather bags piled in t he cen- ter of t his room. On the east and west wall s are two magni ficent tap- estr ies of saili ng vesse ls and sea combat.

    Room of the Cube. Both doors to this room are trapped with a poi son needl e in the door ha ndle. Un less suc- cessfully re moved by a thief, anyone attempting to open the door by using the ha ndle must save vs. It surpr ises on 14 on Id6 due to it s transparency, and successful hits require its target to save vs.

    Once para- lyzed, hits are automatic and da mage only is rolled. The gela ti nous cube can be harmed by fire and weapons , but not cold or li ghtning. No damage is incurred t houg h a - 2 "to hit" is gained , and the rash disa p- pea rs i n 2d4 t urn s. If anyone looks out over t he ci ty, all tha t can be seen is t he city's destroyed curtain wall, ruins, mist, and eea. Severa l t rails ma y he seen leading to the courtyard from t he surroundi ng cliffs. The bunks in this room are over- turned or pushed int o random posi- t ions.

    A door can be seen in t he northwest corner. This room is the lair of t wo ghouls. If the y have not already been encountered as wandering monsters, t here is a 1 i n Id4 chance t hat t hey are in t his room. They have concealed cp and three gems worth a tota l of gp in the matt ress of t he upper bu nk in t he ex- t reme southwest cor ner of the r oom. The door leads to a spiral stair way that is choked wi th rubble and cannot be used.

    Ant echamber, Several alime t ra ils glisten in t he dim li ght and win d t heir way around the room and out t he archways to t he nor th a nd sout h. A fount ain in t he center of the room su pports an ala- bast er statue of a beaut iful woman in flowing robes. A heavy doub le door is located in the center of t he east wa ll. The doubl e doors on the east wa ll arc locked and t he hinges rust ed shut. The shallow wa ter of t he pool is surpr-isingly clear, a nd sp are scatter ed aroun d its bot tom.

    If a coin is t hrown int o t he pool , the stat ue spea ks: "The poor of Koral gesh t ha nk you for your generos- ity. The bunks in thi s room have been overturned, and t he en t ire room is in a state of ruin. A table stands before t he stone fi replace in t he sout h- east corner of the room, and a door can beseen in t he southwest corner. The door in t he southwest wall opens i nt o a corridor t hat lead s t o a funct ional spiral stairway. St orage. Five lar ge bar rels stand on end around t he room and a large shelf occupies t he north, east , and sou th wa lls.

    This room is the lair of five giant rat. Anyon e bi tten by a rat has a 1 i n 20 chance of becomi ng infected saving t hrow vs. The rats have hoa rded three bright gems worth a total of gp in a pi le oflitter beneath t he eastern shelves. The barrels contai n water, vinegar, oil, pi tch , and wine. Th e ma te- rial s on t he shelves have ken over- turned an d ruined by the rats.

    One 50' coil of rope is intact on t he norther n shel f. Kitchen, The open a rchway leads into a room wit h a table nea r the nort h wall, a cupboar d against t he west wall , and a fire pit in t he south east corn er. The floor is littered wit h pot s and pans. This room has been ransacked, and not hing of va lue is her e. Me ss. A large fireplace occupies the sout hern halfofthe east wall. A door is located on both t he nort h and east.

    Th is room has been ransacked, an d nothing of value is here. Great Hall. A massive double door occupies the east and west walls of t his chamber. Its 15' vaulted ceiling is supported on each side by seven gilded pill ars that border the great hall near the north and sout h wall s. Twelve suits of plate mail stand between t he pillars, each holding a halberd at port -of.

    On the north a nd sout h wall s arc giga ntic tapes- tries illustrated with ocean scenes and battles with sea monster s and pirates. Th e throne room is guarded by four sentries AG 3: HD 3; hp 21 ,